• How to restrict TA from seeing Course Settings?

    I'm testing the free version of Canvas and want to limit some TA from seeing the Course Settings because I think there is a lot of options there I don't want them to change... is there any way to do this? I tried to l...
    Abner Noriega
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  • Canvas toolkit for admins

    Hi. I made a simple program that uses Canvas API to do simple tasks. It is supposed to simplify different tasks for an admin. - Create a new user (w/o notification) - Enroll user to course (w/o notification) - Enro...
  • Live Webinar: Assessment & Planning for the Coming Year

    Assessment will be more important than ever... With twenty-five percent of the previous year's content getting delivered via remote learning, and with no-end-of-year testing scores to reference for student performance...
    Joseph Gee
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  • When the Stakes are High (Part 2): Facilitating Online Assessment

    In Part 1 we explored best practices, practical tips, and considerations for creating online assessments.  In this Part 2, we’re focusing on the assessment itself and the provisions that can be put in place...
    Jessica Jones
    created by Jessica Jones
  • When the Stakes are High (Part 1): Creating the Assessment

    The end of the school year is in sight, we can almost see it, just beyond that final assessment period!  Amidst the current context of COVID-19, where we are utilising online tools to enable teaching and lea...
    Jessica Jones
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  • SIS Import - UTF8 and "Couldn't find Canvas CSV import headers" errors

    I had a frustrating day trying to import data into Canvas via an upload of CSV data on the admin SIS Import page.   I was building the data using Excel, and saving it to CSV with UTF8 format via the "Save As" op...
    Carol Shergold
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  • Hide PEOPLE tab for all courses

    Hi all, Is there a a way to hide PEOPLE tab for all courses as default? I have been using the API Live but that only work for 1 course at a time. Thanks
    Quan Nguyen
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  • Blueprint Workflow

    Hello,   We are new to Canvas beginning in January 2020 with a very quick implementation.  I am still trying to find the best Blueprint Workflow for us.  I am not happy with the process I am using righ...
    Patty DiGiacobbe
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  • Blueprint Workflow

    Hello,   We are new to Canvas beginning in January with a very quick implementation.  I am still trying to find the best Blueprint Workflow for us.  I am not happy with the process I am using right now...
    Patty DiGiacobbe
    created by Patty DiGiacobbe
  • Deploy Sub Accounts Now or Later

    I am ready to get sub accounts working in my Canvas instance, but honestly, I am a bit nervous with all that is going on. The pros I am looking for is division reps being able to make division announcements, template ...
    Darnell Kemp
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  • Archiving/roll-over procedures

    Hello, I am looking into archiving procedures for our VLE platform. As we are a university originally born in Scotland but now with 5 global campuses, I thought that the best way of creating a hierarchical structure ...
    Mari-Cruz Garcia
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  • What "Reset Course Content" Really Does… and How to Undo It

    I figured this out myself when I was an account admin at a Canvas institution, and I have since seen it described in comments here on the community too, but I thought it might be good to formally commit this to words ...
    Britain Woodman
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  • Configuring Okta (SAML) and Canvas Authentication

    In my role as a Project Consultant, I frequently assist clients with configuring their authentication for Canvas. Because I have had several requests recently for assistance with Okta, I decided to put this ...
    Aurelien Mansier
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  • Ellucian's ILP

    How many of you are using Ellucian's ILP? Do you find it useful? Are you using it to sync grades and SIS data?
    Tabitha Locklear
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  • Jenzabar SIS and Canvas data uploads

    I'd like to reopen this conversation.  We still do not have a working SIS data upload system due to issues related with the tables in our Jenzabar registration module and how that office is dropping students from...
    Rona Tyger
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  • help with quiz and input/output table formulation

    New Quiz > formulas or input/output tables > How do I use the formula tab to write a question where students get a IPv4 decimal notation number and convert it to binary notation? They should be able to convert ...
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  • Change of Default in Check Mark in the Ratings

    Regards,  I would like to know if there is any way where I can change the default Check that appears in the box ?. This so that you can calculate the scores counting all the empty modules.  This is because w...
    Jean Rivera
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  • Canvas Admin Checklist

    Root Account Admins hold the keys to creating and maintaining a successful Canvas Instance.   No pressure there!  Many decisions and considerations need to be made when choosing settings, customizing r...
    Janie Ruddy
    created by Janie Ruddy
  • What is "your email" field in the "Add New User" pop-up?

    Hi all,   The Canvas Admin guide does not show that this pop-up has a "your email" field... I am a brand new admin taking over for my predecessor so I don't know if they manually added some function... either wa...
    Emily Pulham
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  • Course List Clean Up?

    We are beginning to look into "cleaning up" our Canvas instance. Our vision is that courses of a certain age will be "archived," moved or placed elsewhere and only more recent and current classes will be searchable.&#...
    Samantha  Ellington
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