• How to Set Up Google Analytics for Canvas

    Using Google Analytics means that your institution is subject to Google's terms of service. Please verify with your institution's legal team before installing Google Analytics in your Canvas instance to ensure that yo...
    Jeremy Perkins
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  • Canvas toolkit for admins

    Hi. I made a simple program that uses Canvas API to do simple tasks. It is supposed to simplify different tasks for an admin. - Create a new user (w/o notification) - Enroll user to course (w/o notification) - Enro...
  • Obtaining Assignment Names for all courses in a term

    Hi all,   My school has canvas data set up but our leadership wants a way around the two day delay. I have very minor experience with the API but am trying to find a way to pull all assignment data on a daily b...
    James Umphres
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  • Trying to understand more about JIT provisioning, SIS CSV imports and "sticky" fields

    I thought I'd ask the community if you know the answers to these questions at the bottom of this post.   We use both JIT provisioning and a user SIS CSV upload. We're considering only doing an hourly user upload...
    Steve Stratoti
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  • Hide PEOPLE tab for all courses

    Hi all, Is there a a way to hide PEOPLE tab for all courses as default? I have been using the API Live but that only work for 1 course at a time. Thanks
    Quan Nguyen
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  • Managing LTI Course Navigation Visibility

    The Story A common frustration of teachers using Canvas at an institution is when their course navigation gets messed up by an admin. A teacher may have been teaching their courses for a couple of weeks and then all o...
    Jeremy Perkins
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  • JavaScript to Quickly Import a Template Course

    Like many of you out there, here at Utah State University, we are struggling to move all of our classes online in an absurdly short period of time in response to COVID-19.   To help speed up the process, I have ...
    Kenneth Larsen
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  • API Call for Quiz Score

    I am wondering if it possible via API to get all of the users with a quiz score equal to or above a certain threshold?  For example, I have the following GET statement  $domain/api/v1/$course/students/submis...
    Tom Alway
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  • Managing Avatars (Profile Pictures)

    For some reason I'm getting pinged about this today and realize that I've never been notified about Reported Profile Pictures. When I went looking I had well over 1,000 Reported and 49,000 Submitted. So, first, there ...
    David Tod
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  • Ellucian's ILP

    How many of you are using Ellucian's ILP? Do you find it useful? Are you using it to sync grades and SIS data?
    Tabitha Locklear
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  • use api to reset the terms of service flag

    We are looking for a solution that would require students to acknowledge a "terms of service" style page/popup once a semester when they login. Our faculty are concerned that students are not aware of that some o...
    Christy F Stanley
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  • User account e-mail 'memory'?

    Greetings!   I have a weird situation occurring. A mistake was made when the user account was created for the user Nichole, shown below. Zach's email was put in by mistake. The mistake has been corrected, but se...
    William Poillion
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  • Delete Global Announcement via API?

    For reasons, I want to know if it is possible to delete a global announcement via API? I have a script that will generate a global announcement (Account Notifications API), and I store and can reference each announcem...
    Troy Carroll
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  • Change of Default in Check Mark in the Ratings

    Regards,  I would like to know if there is any way where I can change the default Check that appears in the box ?. This so that you can calculate the scores counting all the empty modules.  This is because w...
    Jean Rivera
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  • What's a good data dashboard tool that can leverage the Canvas API?

    So at the last InstructureCon, I learned a lot about using the Canvas API and what it can do for us. Manually running reports using the different API calls is working okay for us for the time being, but I would really...
    Hugo Aguilera
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  • O365/Azure AD SAML

    Hi Canvas Admins,   I'm at my wits' end, here, and I'm hoping somebody has an answer, or at least a better question:   We're trying to set up Azure AD as one of our providers. We've added it correctly, and...
    Jay Savage
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  • prevent making thousands of calls to the API from web page? Is there a better way?

    I want to display the analytics for observees to the observers. On the observers page > ``` /profile/observees/  ```  in order to do so the api calls that I would need to call are: ``` //api/v1/users/sel...
    Jewell Simon
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  • Canvas Roster Integrations?

    Our university has been working with VitalSource to provide e-books and Day-one access to students through Canvas. Things have been working well, instructors and departments decide if they want their e-textbook availa...
    Nick Yamagata
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  • What is the curl for blueprint associations using the course SIS ID

    We are working on the curl script to associate and un-associate courses with a blueprint course. We have been successful using the Canvas course ID but prefer to use our own configuration of the course SIS_ID. Below i...
    Eric Fudge
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  • Moving from using a spreadsheet to the Canvas gradebook

    In one of the courses that I have been responsible for there is a final oral presentation with formal opponents who have previously written an opposition report. During the final oral presentation, I have found it ver...
    Gerald Q. Maguire
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