• Canvas Release -- Sour Notes

    Before I begin this blog, I do want to send huge kudos to Erin Hallmark who kept me sane through a more-than-trying Canvas release week.  Erin, you are a hero who stuck with us and helped throughout the week...
    Nancy LaChance
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  • Arc Video Analytics?

    We are trying to locate Arc video analytics in Canvas. We are looking to see usage and functionality vs Panopto student video assignment submission.
    Jason Zadra
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  • Need to Use Canvas Recorder for Proctored Exams

    Our final exams are proctored online via webcam by a 3rd party company. Since the webcam is tied up by the proctoring process, our students often have difficulty launching Canvas video recorder to answer questions in ...
    Nan Schutz
    created by Nan Schutz
  • How do I fix an accessibility bug?

    request to fix an accessibility bug?   When a link is created, an icon is added that indicates the link takes a user to an external site.  While the “tool tip” is correct, JAWS 19 with the most r...
    Craig Donahue
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  • Quizzes.Next

    Is Quizzes.Next a tool that we have to request to be turned on in our Canvas instance? If I am supposed to be able to turn it on I can't find where to do it, which makes me think we need to make a request.
    Debbie Ellis
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  • Add external badges (Badgr) to a Canvas course

    Hi there, I currently have so many Badges I collected and can see them on Badgr . Is there a way to show them all on Canvas, not by copying the Share links each of them? Thanks
    Quan Nguyen
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  • Assignment with Screencastify file upload

    Is there a way to get .webm video submissions to load in the SpeedGrader preview pane?   My teachers have had students create screen cast videos using ScreenCastify.  The video is automatically saved to the...
    Jason Waltz
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  • Possible bug with Group Discussions and Student/Course Analytics

    Here's a weird one for you all. We recently created a little app that leverages the Canvas API to pull the participations information for each enrollment. Participations is seen through the student analytics page and ...
    Cassidy Vela
    created by Cassidy Vela
  • Use 'Act as User' in Canvas Mobile App

    I had a situation this morning when I needed to "act as" a student in a course via the Canvas Student app. I knew the "Act as User" functionality was there but I never had an opportunity to try it out.   I decid...
    Gannon Nordberg
    created by Gannon Nordberg
  • Export speedgrader comments?

    Hi Has anyone found a way to export speedgrader comments and rubrics?   Students are asking for this, but staff also have situations where they need to be able to forward documentation (eg academic misconduct c...
    Natalie Norton
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  • Manging custom sections in large courses

    Hi all.   My school just made the switch from Blackboard to Canvas and we are having some problems organizing sections in our large online courses.   We contract with a company that provides academic "coa...
    James Umphres
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  • UX / UI of Canvas...in decline?

    Is it just me or is the UX/UI of Canvas--what used to set it apart and above other LMSs--getting worse and worse? Every new feature (e.g., Quizzes.Next, Student Dashboard, New Gradebook) seems to have a clunky interfa...
  • Ellucian's ILP

    How many of you are using Ellucian's ILP? Do you find it useful? Are you using it to sync grades and SIS data?
    Tabitha Locklear
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  • What happened to List View?

    Has something happened to the List View? I am in a Canvas sandbox, awaiting the finalization of our contract, so maybe the instance I am in is different from others.
    Debbie Ellis
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  • Using JS to Add Accessibility Features to Canvas

    When I first started using Canvas I surprised about the lack of accessibility features available to users, so i decided to create my own and to share them with the wonderful community.   Below I have attached so...
    Tommy Beaton
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  • Getting around limitations of the GUI

    **I hope I'm not breaking any rules here; I posted something similar (not exact) over in the "Developers" area, but I wanted to get the point of view from people who are probably closer to my area of ex...
    Matt Gudites
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  • Cross-listing Canvas Courses

    We are getting ready to move from Blackboard to Canvas, hopefully starting within the next six weeks. What Canvas calls "cross-listing," we call "course merges." We have never used Blackboard's cross-listing tool. Bef...
    Debbie Ellis
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  • Can a Canvas course be listed under two separate subcatalogs?

    Can a Canvas course be listed under two separate subcatalogs?  When I am trying to add a course listing to a subcatalog it is not populating and I am wondering if it is because it is already listed in anothe...
    Martina Blanco
    created by Martina Blanco
  • Quick Module Navigation

    In our instance of Canvas we include all of the course modules as buttons on the course homepage. We wanted to make this buttons a little bit more accessible so I wrote some JS which scrolls to the module when they cl...
    Tommy Beaton
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  • Google Docs External Tool Submissions

    Problem Teacher creates an External Tool assignment with a Google Doc Small number of students are unable to access the document as expected These students are prompted to ask permission to access the Google Doc fr...
    Jason Waltz
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