• Export speedgrader comments?

    Hi Has anyone found a way to export speedgrader comments and rubrics?   Students are asking for this, but staff also have situations where they need to be able to forward documentation (eg academic misconduct c...
    Natalie Norton
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  • Use 'Act as User' in Canvas Mobile App

    I had a situation this morning when I needed to "act as" a student in a course via the Canvas Student app. I knew the "Act as User" functionality was there but I never had an opportunity to try it out.   I decid...
    Gannon Nordberg
    created by Gannon Nordberg
  • Manging custom sections in large courses

    Hi all.   My school just made the switch from Blackboard to Canvas and we are having some problems organizing sections in our large online courses.   We contract with a company that provides academic "coa...
    James Umphres
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  • UX / UI of Canvas...in decline?

    Is it just me or is the UX/UI of Canvas--what used to set it apart and above other LMSs--getting worse and worse? Every new feature (e.g., Quizzes.Next, Student Dashboard, New Gradebook) seems to have a clunky interfa...
  • Ellucian's ILP

    How many of you are using Ellucian's ILP? Do you find it useful? Are you using it to sync grades and SIS data?
    Tabitha Locklear
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  • What happened to List View?

    Has something happened to the List View? I am in a Canvas sandbox, awaiting the finalization of our contract, so maybe the instance I am in is different from others.
    Debbie Ellis
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  • Using JS to Add Accessibility Features to Canvas

    When I first started using Canvas I surprised about the lack of accessibility features available to users, so i decided to create my own and to share them with the wonderful community.   Below I have attached so...
    Tommy Beaton
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  • Assignment with Screencastify file upload

    Is there a way to get .webm video submissions to load in the SpeedGrader preview pane?   My teachers have had students create screen cast videos using ScreenCastify.  The video is automatically saved to the...
    Jason Waltz
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  • Getting around limitations of the GUI

    **I hope I'm not breaking any rules here; I posted something similar (not exact) over in the "Developers" area, but I wanted to get the point of view from people who are probably closer to my area of ex...
    Matt Gudites
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  • Cross-listing Canvas Courses

    We are getting ready to move from Blackboard to Canvas, hopefully starting within the next six weeks. What Canvas calls "cross-listing," we call "course merges." We have never used Blackboard's cross-listing tool. Bef...
    Debbie Ellis
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  • Can a Canvas course be listed under two separate subcatalogs?

    Can a Canvas course be listed under two separate subcatalogs?  When I am trying to add a course listing to a subcatalog it is not populating and I am wondering if it is because it is already listed in anothe...
    Martina Blanco
    created by Martina Blanco
  • Quick Module Navigation

    In our instance of Canvas we include all of the course modules as buttons on the course homepage. We wanted to make this buttons a little bit more accessible so I wrote some JS which scrolls to the module when they cl...
    Tommy Beaton
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  • Google Docs External Tool Submissions

    Problem Teacher creates an External Tool assignment with a Google Doc Small number of students are unable to access the document as expected These students are prompted to ask permission to access the Google Doc fr...
    Jason Waltz
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  • Global Announcements Analytics 

    Can global announcement views be tracked? analytics participation admin strategies
    Jonathan McNair
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  • # of users using New Gradebook

    As the New Gradebook default date approaches, I'm curious to know how many teachers have opted into using the New Gradebook which I implemented as a feature option this fall.  Short of manually checking 700 secti...
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  • Add external badges (Badgr) to a Canvas course

    Hi there, I currently have so many Badges I collected and can see them on Badgr . Is there a way to show them all on Canvas, not by copying the Share links each of them? Thanks
    Quan Nguyen
    created by Quan Nguyen
  • Cross-listing vs sections vs groups--What are the functional differences?

    I'm trying to better understand the difference between adding a section to a course in course settings, cross-listing a course, and creating groups in a course. My understanding is that one big difference is whether y...
    Jennifer Lubkin Chavez
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  • Parent Portal

    I am having a heck of a time trying to set up a parent to be able to see their student's Canvas instance.  Does anyone have directions on how to set it up in Canvas and how to link it to the parent?  Please ...
    Lisa Shadrick
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  • Flash in the Pan

    With the demise of Flash finally upon us, how is Canvas planning to adapt their flash based features; specifically the audio/video submissions and feedback tools?
    Jason Waltz
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  • Looking for others who use Canvas to deliver self-paced, asynchronous courses

    I have been searching through the community, without success, for information on this topic.  We are a company that provides 100% asynchronous, self-paced courses where individuals individuals can complete t...
    Kerry Day
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