• UX / UI of Canvas...in decline?

    Is it just me or is the UX/UI of Canvas--what used to set it apart and above other LMSs--getting worse and worse? Every new feature (e.g., Quizzes.Next, Student Dashboard, New Gradebook) seems to have a clunky interfa...
  • Which IP addresses or domains does Canvas use?

    Hi, With our former LMS we had a firewall policy that allowed us to restrict internet access to only allow access to their LMS environment during certain tests.  To achieve this we received a handful of IP addr...
    Tor Tveitane
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  • Admins Adding Themselves to Courses

    If you are a Canvas admin for your whole account, you can view any course in that account. However, I was curious if anyone ever adds themselves as a teacher or course designer to certain courses.   If so, have ...
    Caroline Foley
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  • Do you use Slack,Pronto,What's App, etc within Canvas?

    Hello All,    Have you integrated or are you using apps such as Slack, Pronto or What's App in your courses?  If so, we would love to hear how you are using it, and has it increased student an...
    Canvas Help
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  • How to correct Roll Call when attendance was taken on wrong date

    One of my instructors took attendance on the wrong date and eventually noticed and corrected it. She said that she corrected it the same day a few minutes after she figured out she was in the wrong date.  Unfortu...
    Cheryl Rodriguez
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  • Educate TADS and Canvas?

    Is anyone out there using Educate TADS as their SIS? Our application administrators have said there is no api for integration--or even an automated report engine--that we could use to get out K-12 students into C...
    Jay Savage
    created by Jay Savage
  • How will deleting courses effect institutional outcome data?

    I'm working on a course retention policy to delete courses great than 3 years old.  I'm concerned about  institutional outcomes that have been placed. Does anyone know if the data will stay intact if the cou...
    Kelly Griffith
    created by Kelly Griffith
  • Quick Module Navigation

    In our instance of Canvas we include all of the course modules as buttons on the course homepage. We wanted to make this buttons a little bit more accessible so I wrote some JS which scrolls to the module when they cl...
    Tommy Beaton
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  • One-Sheet Guides for Canvas/Canvas Guía del Maestro

    Canvas Community y comunidad española,   There are many one-sheet guides out there, but just in case if you were looking for a single-sheet (dual sided) instructional PDF on Canvas... Attached are the same...
    Jason Diehl
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  • Online Content Providers and Health course

    hi Canvas users.    For the last several years, we have been using an online content provider called Blended Schools for our 9th grade health course content.  Recently, we lost access to the content at...
    Nancy Reynolds
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  • Integrating ServiceCloud and other ticketing systems

    Hi admins, We’re looking at ways to better integrate ServiceCloud and our in-house ticketing system. We’d like to be able to keep tickets in ServiceCloud (for easier escalation), but have the information...
    created by MLentini
  • How is your SIS set up

    Hi Canvas Admins,   We are transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas and are a bit confused as to the best way to push a template to our courses. We're a fairly large institution with over 9,000 course shells per...
    James Umphres
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  • Providers that offer 9th grade Health course via Canvas

    hi Canvas users.    For the last several years, we have been using an online content provider called Blended Schools for our 9th grade health course content.  Recently, we lost access to the content at ...
    Nancy Reynolds
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  • Student Hub for +40k Students?

    We are interested in creating a "Student Hub" for our community college. Our initial thoughts on the idea are to create a course and enroll every student we have in it -- that would be somewhere in the realm of 40K - ...
    Dave Dieckmeyer
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  • Student Access

    Is it possible to extend a student's access to the Course past the end date of the class? If so, how?
    Marsha Lacey
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  • Looking for others who use Canvas to deliver self-paced, asynchronous courses

    I have been searching through the community, without success, for information on this topic.  We are a company that provides 100% asynchronous, self-paced courses where individuals individuals can complete t...
    Kerry Day
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