• Prohibit Teachers from changing survey / quiz responses

    Does anyone know how to use Canvas Surveys (or even Quizzes) from the administrative level in such that teachers in individual course sections in which the survey is placed cannot change survey submissions?  We a...
    Rona Tyger
    created by Rona Tyger
  • Change of Default in Check Mark in the Ratings

    Regards,  I would like to know if there is any way where I can change the default Check that appears in the box ?. This so that you can calculate the scores counting all the empty modules.  This is because w...
    Jean Rivera
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  • Canvas Permission Updates

    Hello Canvas Admins!   We appreciate all of the feedback we've received regarding the need for better communication of permission updates.   This purpose of this document is to inform you of any updates or...
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  • Canvas Admin Checklist

    Root Account Admins hold the keys to creating and maintaining a successful Canvas Instance.   No pressure there!  Many decisions and considerations need to be made when choosing settings, customizing r...
    Janie Ruddy
    created by Janie Ruddy
  • Course List Clean Up?

    We are beginning to look into "cleaning up" our Canvas instance. Our vision is that courses of a certain age will be "archived," moved or placed elsewhere and only more recent and current classes will be searchable.&#...
    Samantha  Ellington
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  • Admin access to course statistics page?

    I'm having trouble deciphering the admin roles.  A department wants an admin role for an auditor that can't edit grades or course content, but can see it all.  I have it all set, except I can't seem to get t...
    Anthony Bunag
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  • Account role for Blueprint

    Hi all,   I am trying to setup an Account Role to give out to select support staff at a college or department sub-account level to manage Blueprint courses. I have tested a role that only has "Blueprint Courses ...
    Paul LaMere
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  • Anyone using Kaltura? How about with custom course roles?

    Hi Canvas Admins,   We've set up Kaltura as an external tool in Canvas, but it's not pulling our custom course roles over. I've suggested variable substitution to the Kaltura team, but they're saying it will tak...
    Andrew Carver
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  • Opening a course for one student after end date

    Hello Canvas Community   Is there a way to open up a whole course for one student to do work after the course/term end date?
    Dima Nimri
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  • SpeedGrader permissions fix(?)

    A recent email from support says: "Per our email last Friday, the latest information about the outstanding Gradebook fixes are as follows: SpeedGrader permissions fix—complete and awaiting verification in our t...
    Peter Hess
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  • Canvas Roster Integrations?

    Our university has been working with VitalSource to provide e-books and Day-one access to students through Canvas. Things have been working well, instructors and departments decide if they want their e-textbook availa...
    Nick Yamagata
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  • Commonly used account-level roles

    Many institutions create the same type of account-level roles. This document talks about the most commonly used account-level roles in Canvas and their permissions. If you need help customizing your account-level role...
    Canvas Doc Team
    last modified by Erin Hallmark
  • Different faculty permissions for SIS and non-SIS courses?

    I'm looking into how to allow faculty to add people to sandboxes but not SIS (for credit) courses.  I see other schools that seem to be doing that (like U.Minnesota), but I'm having trouble finding the best way t...
    Doug Holton
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  • Restricting Course Role Selection

    Hi, I'd like to create a sub-account admin ole that would have the permission to add people to a course, but I would like the account role to only be able to enroll a particular custom course role. Is it somehow poss...
    Lisa D Stickdorn
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  • Disabling add/remove students in course permission not working as expected

    After disabling and locking the course permission for the Teacher role: Users - add / remove students in courses   The Teacher role is still able to add students to the course by going to People and select role...
    Jeremy Goh
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  • My Blueprint is Failing Me - Help

    Hi.  I am trying to design a Blueprint course that can accomplish the tasks listed.  I am piloting one this summer.  It is associated with about 18 courses.  It is failing.  I need to be able ...
    Rona Tyger
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  • Permissions Page Role Sorting

    Update August 9, 2018 Canvas has provided their own, much more awesome, solution to this with the July 14, 2018, release. Documentation is available in the Canvas Admin Guide What user roles and permissions are a...
    James Jones
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  • Manging custom sections in large courses

    Hi all.   My school just made the switch from Blackboard to Canvas and we are having some problems organizing sections in our large online courses.   We contract with a company that provides academic "coa...
    James Umphres
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  • Limiting Course Date Access

    Has anyone removed access for instructors to change the course start and end dates? I cannot find a place in the account settings or the permissions to remove this access. We do not want courses to open early or stay ...
    Shandy Beck
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  • Do Permissions for Course State affect Term settings?

    Our school has uniform Term dates and Admin is wanting to limit permissions to those.  Are Term permissions controlled under Course State?  Meaning, if Teachers do not have Course State permissions, will the...
    Dalena Jeffries
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