• How to restrict TA from seeing Course Settings?

    I'm testing the free version of Canvas and want to limit some TA from seeing the Course Settings because I think there is a lot of options there I don't want them to change... is there any way to do this? I tried to l...
    Abner Noriega
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  • When the Stakes are High (Part 2): Facilitating Online Assessment

    In Part 1 we explored best practices, practical tips, and considerations for creating online assessments.  In this Part 2, we’re focusing on the assessment itself and the provisions that can be put in place...
    Jessica Jones
    created by Jessica Jones
  • Cross-listing vs sections vs groups--What are the functional differences?

    I'm trying to better understand the difference between adding a section to a course in course settings, cross-listing a course, and creating groups in a course. My understanding is that one big difference is whether y...
    Jennifer Lubkin Chavez
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  • Hide PEOPLE tab for all courses

    Hi all, Is there a a way to hide PEOPLE tab for all courses as default? I have been using the API Live but that only work for 1 course at a time. Thanks
    Quan Nguyen
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  • Blue print Sync exceptions

    We are having sync exceptions on our blue Print courses and I was hoping someone could tell me what they mean and how to correct them. The exception coming up this morning is "default term". Does anyone know? I have l...
    deidre Du Toit
    created by deidre Du Toit
  • Archiving/roll-over procedures

    Hello, I am looking into archiving procedures for our VLE platform. As we are a university originally born in Scotland but now with 5 global campuses, I thought that the best way of creating a hierarchical structure ...
    Mari-Cruz Garcia
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  • Jenzabar SIS and Canvas data uploads

    I'd like to reopen this conversation.  We still do not have a working SIS data upload system due to issues related with the tables in our Jenzabar registration module and how that office is dropping students from...
    Rona Tyger
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  • Grading with a Rubric in Canvas and why???

    We use a Rubric to grade in Canvas.  A lot of instructors complain that when they click in the rubric to score students and then save the grade does not transfer to the assessment section of the Canvas grade book...
    Christine Partite
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  • Arc Video Analytics?

    We are trying to locate Arc video analytics in Canvas. We are looking to see usage and functionality vs Panopto student video assignment submission.
    Jason Zadra
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  • Change Password Setting in Profile Edit Settings Page

    A user on our instance contacted us about not being able to locate the "change password" setting in their profile edit settings page. (for reference, see How do I change my login password as a student? )....
    Logan Murray
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  • help with quiz and input/output table formulation

    New Quiz > formulas or input/output tables > How do I use the formula tab to write a question where students get a IPv4 decimal notation number and convert it to binary notation? They should be able to convert ...
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  • Final Grade Override audit history/log

    Does anyone else have an issue with the fact that the recently rolled out Final Grade Override feature does not track its changes in the Gradebook History log?  If it's important enough to track grade changes for...
    Todd Van Zandt
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  • Change of Default in Check Mark in the Ratings

    Regards,  I would like to know if there is any way where I can change the default Check that appears in the box ?. This so that you can calculate the scores counting all the empty modules.  This is because w...
    Jean Rivera
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  • O365/Azure AD SAML

    Hi Canvas Admins,   I'm at my wits' end, here, and I'm hoping somebody has an answer, or at least a better question:   We're trying to set up Azure AD as one of our providers. We've added it correctly, and...
    Jay Savage
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  • Course List Clean Up?

    We are beginning to look into "cleaning up" our Canvas instance. Our vision is that courses of a certain age will be "archived," moved or placed elsewhere and only more recent and current classes will be searchable.&#...
    Samantha  Ellington
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  • Admin access to course statistics page?

    I'm having trouble deciphering the admin roles.  A department wants an admin role for an auditor that can't edit grades or course content, but can see it all.  I have it all set, except I can't seem to get t...
    Anthony Bunag
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  • Can I set a new default for the "lateness" setting in Roll Call?

    I'm a new Canvas Admin on a self-hosted system, but learning fast. We're using canvas for many traditional seated courses, where we also want to use the Roll Call LTI tool for attendance. I have the tool installed and...
    Joel Coehoorn
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  • Opening a course for one student after end date

    Hello Canvas Community   Is there a way to open up a whole course for one student to do work after the course/term end date?
    Dima Nimri
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  • Add external badges (Badgr) to a Canvas course

    Hi there, I currently have so many Badges I collected and can see them on Badgr . Is there a way to show them all on Canvas, not by copying the Share links each of them? Thanks
    Quan Nguyen
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  • Disabling add/remove students in course permission not working as expected

    After disabling and locking the course permission for the Teacher role: Users - add / remove students in courses   The Teacher role is still able to add students to the course by going to People and select role...
    Jeremy Goh
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