• Manual Enrollment Without Notifications

    Hello, all. This is a common enough issue that I'm sure others have dealt with.   Our enrollments are primarily handled through SIS integration or manual .csv uploads, but from time to time we need to enroll a s...
    Alexander Mitchell
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  • Setting a course visibility to public

    I've noticed that many of our teachers have set their Canvas course visibility to public on their scheduled courses.  Some of these courses have submissions and grades, so the students must be logging in first an...
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  • I Dare You to Ask Me About My Sub-account Project

    A long, long time ago, in an office somewhere in my building (I'm guessing), a conversation probably nothing like this took place:   "Okay, it's time to implement the new LMS, Canvas." "Hooray! Anything special ...
    Tracey DeLillo
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  • Can I set a new default for the "lateness" setting in Roll Call?

    I'm a new Canvas Admin on a self-hosted system, but learning fast. We're using canvas for many traditional seated courses, where we also want to use the Roll Call LTI tool for attendance. I have the tool installed and...
    Joel Coehoorn
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  • One-Sheet Guides for Canvas/Canvas Guía del Maestro

    Canvas Community y comunidad española,   There are many one-sheet guides out there, but just in case if you were looking for a single-sheet (dual sided) instructional PDF on Canvas... Attached are the same...
    Jason Diehl
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  • Limiting Course Date Access

    Has anyone removed access for instructors to change the course start and end dates? I cannot find a place in the account settings or the permissions to remove this access. We do not want courses to open early or stay ...
    Shandy Beck
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  • How to accommodate "sub-terms?"

    Before we moved to Canvas, we would create numerous terms in our old system. During the summer, we would create up to 25 terms to accommodate all of the differences of the terms. When we moved to Canvas, we decided to...
    Shandy Beck
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  • Admins Adding Themselves to Courses

    If you are a Canvas admin for your whole account, you can view any course in that account. However, I was curious if anyone ever adds themselves as a teacher or course designer to certain courses.   If so, have ...
    Caroline Foley
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  • Course Availability

    Someone please explain this to me.   With the settings set as shown in the screenshot below, shouldn't this stop a student from seeing the course until 5/6? Because, it's not. I have a test account enrolled in t...
    Matt Gudites
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  • Using JS to Add Accessibility Features to Canvas

    When I first started using Canvas I surprised about the lack of accessibility features available to users, so i decided to create my own and to share them with the wonderful community.   Below I have attached so...
    Tommy Beaton
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  • Getting around limitations of the GUI

    **I hope I'm not breaking any rules here; I posted something similar (not exact) over in the "Developers" area, but I wanted to get the point of view from people who are probably closer to my area of ex...
    Matt Gudites
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  • How will deleting courses effect institutional outcome data?

    I'm working on a course retention policy to delete courses great than 3 years old.  I'm concerned about  institutional outcomes that have been placed. Does anyone know if the data will stay intact if the cou...
    Kelly Griffith
    created by Kelly Griffith
  • Data Retention and Optimize Searching

    The past couple of weeks I have experienced a lag when searching for courses. It has been worse the past two days and I saw on the Canvas Status page others may have been experiencing the same.    Even...
    Kelly Griffith
    created by Kelly Griffith
  • Course License Setting

    My questions today have to do with this setting:   Question 1: I looked in the Admin settings and could not find anything, but is there a way to change the default for this course option?    Questio...
    Valerie Rake
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  • How is your SIS set up

    Hi Canvas Admins,   We are transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas and are a bit confused as to the best way to push a template to our courses. We're a fairly large institution with over 9,000 course shells per...
    James Umphres
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  • Add external badges (Badgr) to a Canvas course

    Hi there, I currently have so many Badges I collected and can see them on Badgr . Is there a way to show them all on Canvas, not by copying the Share links each of them? Thanks
    Quan Nguyen
    created by Quan Nguyen
  • Cross-listing vs sections vs groups--What are the functional differences?

    I'm trying to better understand the difference between adding a section to a course in course settings, cross-listing a course, and creating groups in a course. My understanding is that one big difference is whether y...
    Jennifer Lubkin Chavez
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  • Parent Portal

    I am having a heck of a time trying to set up a parent to be able to see their student's Canvas instance.  Does anyone have directions on how to set it up in Canvas and how to link it to the parent?  Please ...
    Lisa Shadrick
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  • Viewing another user's "Other ways to contact"

    I am testing something out with the Canvas API adding/removing contact methods. Is there a way to view another user's "Other ways to contact" as an admin on the site? If so, how?   Thank you 
    Nicholas Tyler
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  • Student Hub for +40k Students?

    We are interested in creating a "Student Hub" for our community college. Our initial thoughts on the idea are to create a course and enroll every student we have in it -- that would be somewhere in the realm of 40K - ...
    Dave Dieckmeyer
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