• Commonly used account-level roles

    Many institutions create the same type of account-level roles. This document talks about the most commonly used account-level roles in Canvas and their permissions. If you need help customizing your account-level role...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Finding broken links

    (I originally posted this as a comment to Broken Link: More Data Included in the Message but figured it was worth having here for others)   I thought it might be helpful to share my strategies for locating the p...
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  • What are the most popular Section ➜ Course organizational structures used in Canvas?

    We are frequently asked how various institutions choose to nest their sections inside of courses. In other words, what are the most popular nesting methods used to populate enrollments into sections, an...
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  • How To Disable the Google LTI "Google Drive" Assignment Submission Tab

    The Problem Our number one Canvas help issue the past several years revolves around student's submitting Google Docs, Slides or Sheets via the built-in Google Drive integrations. We switched to the new ...
    Chris Long
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  • Why a Discovery Page, also what is a Discovery Page?

    In some cases an institution using Canvas may have users who authenticate to Canvas using more than one authentication mechanism each using a different page for the collection of authentication credentials (usern...
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  • End of Year Guide

    End of Year Guide Authored by Chris Long   This guide is a collaborative effort to help you end your school year or terms smoothly. By carefully considering these  recommendations you should have the inform...
    Renee Carney
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  • Permissions Page Role Sorting

    Update August 9, 2018 Canvas has provided their own, much more awesome, solution to this with the July 14, 2018, release. Documentation is available in the Canvas Admin Guide What user roles and permissions are a...
    James Jones
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  • Parent Access Directory

    Purpose The purpose of this guide is to establish the available parent access options.   Please select the preferred workflow from the list below: Provisioning Parent Accounts: your administration creates Canvas ...
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  • SAML RelayState

        Official Canvas Document   Canvas, as a SAML ServiceProvider, supports special values for RelayState to allow deep linking into Canvas for IdP initiated logins. An IdP can also modify the R...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Obtaining a list of Admin Users with their Roles

    On September 16, 2017, Canvas added an Admin CSV option to the Provisioning Report. It provides most of the information here and is built-into Canvas rather than being an external solution. It does require that you co...
    James Jones
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  • One-Sheet Guides for Canvas/Canvas Guía del Maestro

    Canvas Community y comunidad española,   There are many one-sheet guides out there, but just in case if you were looking for a single-sheet (dual sided) instructional PDF on Canvas... Attached are the same...
    Jason Diehl
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  • Automated report of assignments in courses

    Attached Excel workbook is able to download data from Canvas (exclusively using Get API calls) to create an overview of all assignments in all courses you specify using Course SIS IDs.     The worksheet c...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Canvas Glossary

    Below is a simplified glossary for many important terms used in Canvas, along with the relevant links in the Canvas Guides. Wording is taken from the Canvas Guides and Where can I find a list of Canvas terminology? al...
  • Functionality Comparison:  Current vs. New Canvas Gradebook

    To help with the transition from the current Canvas gradebook to the New Gradebook I created the following functionality comparison. This is a working document, so feel free to comment on if you think wording needs tw...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Grade Detail Tray

    The Grade Detail Tray is a tool in the New Gradebook that makes it fast and easy to view and enter grades, submission status, and comments, both by individual assignment or student. In addition, the Grade Detail ...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Add Tooltips to Images and Text

    I had seen this in Any way to annotate a Page in Canvas? where Chris Hofer and Stefanie Sanders explained how to use this to "annotate a page" in Canvas, but forgot about it until this morning when it came up again in...
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  • Hide new to-do list checkboxes from instructors

    We were initially told that the new "Add to Student To-Do List" checkboxes/functionality available to instructors in the latest release notes would be behind a feature flag, but it's not.  Until we can get some t...
    Joni Miller
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  • Dropout Detective Information for Faculty

    This is a document on Dropout Detective that I provide for my faculty. It covers the different features and some best practices.
    Kona Jones
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  • ...

      Coordinator of Virtual Learning Office of Technology Berkeley County School District 0 Pulaski Street Goose Creek, SC 29445 843-572-5510 (Office) 843-833-9668 (cell)           &#...
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  • Assigning Intra-Group Peer Reviews

    Quick Install For those power users who are impatient, here are the quick install steps. Install the Tampermonkey browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari Install the Intra-Group Peer Reviews user script. Navi...
    James Jones
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