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    This template was designed to help unify the Contingency space within the Canvas Admins group. Start your blog by changing the title above, and replacing this place holder text with your own ideas. Also, rem...
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      This template was designed to help unify the Contingency space within the Canvas Admins group. Start your document by changing the title above, and replacing this place holder text with your own ideas....
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  • How to list teachers who have published/unpublished courses

    Synopsis This document will show you how to use Microsoft Excel and the Canvas Provisioning Report to generate a list of all courses with their teachers that are Unpublished (or Published). Three solutions are present...
    James Jones
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  • Create UTF-8 encoded CSV files for SIS import from Excel

    In case your institution doesn’t have any connections to a Student Information System (SIS) and you have to manage enrolments manually, than the SIS import feature could be your best friend. Same goes for creati...
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  • Canvas Permission Updates

    Hello Canvas Admins!   We appreciate all of the feedback we've received regarding the need for better communication of permission updates.   This purpose of this document is to inform you of any updates or...
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  • Quiz Settings to Maximize Security

    The following document was created to help our faculty better understand quiz settings and how they can be used to enhance quiz security. In many cases locking down a quiz as much as possible (ex: not allowing student...
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  • Support vs CSM: When to file a ticket and when to ask your CSM

    We know it can be confusing when you have so many avenues to take when a Canvas question arises. In order to save your time and maximize the resources your institution has paid for, we have created a guide for you to ...
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  • Bulk Publish / Delete Pages

    Synopsis This Google Sheet will allow teachers to bulk publish, unpublish, or delete their wiki pages from a single spreadsheet page.   Introduction There have been a couple of feature requests to allow for bulk ...
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  • Configure Trusted Canvas Instance Authentication in Canvas

        Official Canvas Document    Background Authentication Workflow Prerequisites Configuring Trusted Canvas Instance in Canvas Additional Reading  ...
  • How to Set Up Google Analytics for Canvas

    Using Google Analytics means that your institution is subject to Google's terms of service. Please verify with your institution's legal team before installing Google Analytics in your Canvas instance to ensure that yo...
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  • Awesome CanvasLMS

    A curated list of CanvasLMS Community and Open Source contributions. Inspired by GitHub - sindresorhus/awesome: Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics (awesome.re)   For more information see CanvasLM...
  • Canvas Instructor Cheat Sheet

    Despite my efforts to persuade them otherwise, often times we are asked for something physical regarding steps to do things in Canvas. We found an old "cheat sheet" on the web and updated it and removed some stuff to ...
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  • Commonly used account-level roles

    Many institutions create the same type of account-level roles. This document talks about the most commonly used account-level roles in Canvas and their permissions. If you need help customizing your account-level role...
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  • Finding broken links

    (I originally posted this as a comment to Broken Link: More Data Included in the Message but figured it was worth having here for others)   I thought it might be helpful to share my strategies for locating the p...
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  • What are the most popular Section ➜ Course organizational structures used in Canvas?

    We are frequently asked how various institutions choose to nest their sections inside of courses. In other words, what are the most popular nesting methods used to populate enrollments into sections, an...
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  • How To Disable the Google LTI "Google Drive" Assignment Submission Tab

    The Problem Our number one Canvas help issue the past several years revolves around student's submitting Google Docs, Slides or Sheets via the built-in Google Drive integrations. We switched to the new ...
    Chris Long
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  • Why a Discovery Page, also what is a Discovery Page?

    In some cases an institution using Canvas may have users who authenticate to Canvas using more than one authentication mechanism each using a different page for the collection of authentication credentials (usern...
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  • End of Year Guide

    End of Year Guide Authored by Chris Long   This guide is a collaborative effort to help you end your school year or terms smoothly. By carefully considering these  recommendations you should have the inform...
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  • Permissions Page Role Sorting

    Update August 9, 2018 Canvas has provided their own, much more awesome, solution to this with the July 14, 2018, release. Documentation is available in the Canvas Admin Guide What user roles and permissions are a...
    James Jones
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  • Parent Access Directory

    Purpose The purpose of this guide is to establish the available parent access options.   Please select the preferred workflow from the list below: Provisioning Parent Accounts: your administration creates Canvas ...
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