• (NEW) Rich Content Editor Enhancements

    I can't seem to find anything about the new rich content editor so I just wanted to share a few major changes that we plan on letting our faculty and staff know before it goes live. Does anyone see other pertinent cha...
    Jerad Watson
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  • First time Admin help

    I am a new - 2 weeks old - Canvas Admin. I've used Canvas as a professor but I've never been on an implementation, launch team for an organization. HELP! Where do I start? This org just purchased the Basic package a m...
    Chris Accornero
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  • Different faculty permissions for SIS and non-SIS courses?

    I'm looking into how to allow faculty to add people to sandboxes but not SIS (for credit) courses.  I see other schools that seem to be doing that (like U.Minnesota), but I'm having trouble finding the best way t...
    Doug Holton
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  • Student Permission and Canvas Inbox

    What is your school policy regarding the Inbox and students. Currently we do not allow them to choose all students, they have to pick who they are sending the message to. As opposed to the teacher who does have that o...
    Stephanie Wilson
    created by Stephanie Wilson
  • WalkMe

    Hello!   Has anyone here implemented WalkMe to your instance of Canvas?  If so, what has been your experience with it?  Is it worth the cost? Have you seen increased productivity and few support/traini...
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  • Canvas and Banner schools - How did you set up your SIS automation?

    If your institution uses both Ellucian Banner and Canvas, our university would be interested in connecting with your systems integration team.  We are working to set up the automation of our SIS imports and would...
    Laurena Calderon
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  • Searching for best practice for handling student enrollment status changes

    Canvas Admins: How does your school handle student course registration/enrollment changes before and during the add/drop period and then after the add/drop period?  We have discussed changing student enrollment s...
    Laurena Calderon
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  • Would you like to participate in a research study with Canvas users?

    Hello everyone! I am looking for participants for my research on Learning Analytics, data visualisation and sensemaking for my Education and Technology MA at UCL. If you are a teacher who uses Canvas in the ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • What are best practices for using and maintaining a "template" course?

    Hello, everyone!   Our institution is still new to Canvas, and to capitalize on the lessons we've learned so far, we've created a course with generic items that can be copied into blank course shells to...
  • Canvas Studio Versus TechSmith Relay

    Our institution currently uses TechSmith Relay integrated with Canvas for videos.  TechSmith is a very good product.  However, we are very interested in Canvas Studio (formerly Arc).  We have reviewed S...
  • Online Content Providers and Health course

    hi Canvas users.    For the last several years, we have been using an online content provider called Blended Schools for our 9th grade health course content.  Recently, we lost access to the content at...
    Nancy Reynolds
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  • Missing Permissions for Panopto Integration

    Good morning, When we initially integrated Panopto with Canvas, we assigned the new user we created as an Account Admin account role to our instance. After testing, we created a separate account role and assigned it ...
    Erick Larin
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  • Hiding Delete this course button

    Instructure providing the attached JS code to hide the Delete this course and Conclude this course buttons from all users except Canvas Admins. It appears to work for all browsers except Safari (Javascript enable...
    Joe Fahs
    created by Joe Fahs
  • UX / UI of Canvas...in decline?

    Is it just me or is the UX/UI of Canvas--what used to set it apart and above other LMSs--getting worse and worse? Every new feature (e.g., Quizzes.Next, Student Dashboard, New Gradebook) seems to have a clunky interfa...
  • Restricted access in Cuba > problematic

    Hi! Here at the Belgian university in Brussels (VUB) a number of faculties have collaboration activities with Cuban universities.  Cuba is denied access to Canvas because of US regulations. This is a big problem ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • LTIs for Med Schools

    I'm very new to Canvas Administration, in the midst of implementation at a medical school.   Wondering if any med schools out there have found good LTIs for med teaching resources?  Most of the names I've b...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • How to accommodate "sub-terms?"

    Before we moved to Canvas, we would create numerous terms in our old system. During the summer, we would create up to 25 terms to accommodate all of the differences of the terms. When we moved to Canvas, we decided to...
    Shandy Beck
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  • Ellucian's ILP

    How many of you are using Ellucian's ILP? Do you find it useful? Are you using it to sync grades and SIS data?
    Tabitha Locklear
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  • Admins Adding Themselves to Courses

    If you are a Canvas admin for your whole account, you can view any course in that account. However, I was curious if anyone ever adds themselves as a teacher or course designer to certain courses.   If so, have ...
    Caroline Foley
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  • Collaboration and Project Management Template

    We have a number of projects happening at the moment that entails cross-campus collaboration, document control, task allocation, authorisations and critical path visability.   I use google docs and am dabbling w...
    Gary Molloy
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