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Kenya Johnson
  Something that would be extremely helpful with the Analytics Feature would be the Number of Assignments students are missing along with the percentages. 
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Tiffany Morgan
Hi all We are setting up our courses for Spring 2020 and want to be sure those courses use the new user analytics. In beta we have options for on, allow, and off. In production I only have on or off as options.    Is there something I need to do differently in order to set this to allow? I'd like to be able to roll this change out to new courses… (Show more)
in User Group: New Analytics
Carlos Saito
I am interested in Analytics Beta features and want to know if they will be available from the Canvas API either REST or GraphQL.
in User Group: New Analytics
Valerie Rake
The course coordinator for one of our high-enrollment programs would like to have more descriptive data about assignment grades.  In particular, she is looking for median and quartile information.  I have been scouring the New Analytics group and the community as a whole for any insight into whether there is a plan to include these grade details,… (Show more)
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Jennifer Sayre
The "old" analytics page had a graph called "submissions" where you could see the date that specific assignments were submitted.  (It had green dots for submissions -- hover over them and you can see details of the submission, including the date submitted.) I've looked all throughout the new analytics and can't find an area similar to this, where… (Show more)
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Sarah Jenevein
We run a short course that is only 6 weeks long, rather than the usual 15 or 16 week university courses. We would like to see course activity broken down not only by week, but by day, to figure out which days are the most active. 
in User Group: New Analytics
Erin Hallmark
Click to view contentThis document introduces New Course and User Analytics as noted in the Canvas Release Notes (2019-10-19).   New Analytics provides a richer analytics experience for course grades, weekly online activity, and individual student view. All analytics also include mobile page views.   …
in User Group: New Analytics
Stefanie Sanders
Aside from New Analytics no longer providing 'stoplight' styled dashboards and merging what was once course, students and analytics beta into one new tool, I am curious as to changed functionality between old and new. Specifically, has anyone found a way in New Analytics to replicate the Student Analytics-View Submissions feature?  In the old… (Show more)
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