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Sara Udelhofen
On the Student list,  what is included in the "last interaction" and "last activity" metrics?   Also does this tool read interaction and activity prior to adding the tool to the course?   Sara Udelhofen analytics beta last activity last_interaction
in User Group: Analytics Beta
Tasha Biesinger
Currently, the Messages Students Who percentage range only allows between 0% and 100%. Some faculty award extra credit and would have students with scores greater than 100%. The instructor is not able to message these students currently.
in User Group: Analytics Beta
Michael Smedshammer
Currently, Analytics Beta shows percentages. It would be nice if we could also toggle to show the raw numbers that create those percentages. It would be nice also to see the median score in addition to the average. analytics beta
in User Group: Analytics Beta
Kenya Johnson
  Something that would be extremely helpful with the Analytics Feature would be the Number of Assignments students are missing along with the percentages. 
in User Group: Analytics Beta
Jay Cvetko
  Loved the Analytics Feature.  It would be helpful to see usage times.  Sometimes I would like to know who was studying at home but if they came to class an logged in, it would just show that they logged in that day. There was no way to tell if they were working at home, but overall, good feature.
in User Group: Analytics Beta
Hal Raymond
It would be really nice in the analytics beta to be able manually change the date range.  I am trying to email only those students who have not been active in their class (no participation) within the week.  I can't see that there are other ways to do this.  Are there other solutions?  Our school does not operate on the August to May set… (Show more)
in User Group: Analytics Beta
Erin Hallmark
Click to view contentThis document outlines additional functionality added to Analytics Beta functionality noted in User Group: Analytics Beta. Weekly Online Activity is a feature in Analytics Beta that allows users to track weekly trends in a course. Weekly Online Activity is comprised of page views and participations information and allows instructors to view…
in User Group: Analytics Beta
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