Katrina Hess

New vs. Old Analytics

Blog Post created by Katrina Hess Employee on Dec 16, 2019

Hello Canvas Community!


We will continue to iterate on improvements to course-level analytics. In the meantime, we've created a guide of the differences. Please let me know in the comments if we've missed anything and I'll be sure to add it to the list!


New AnalyticsOld Analytics
Aggregate PeriodWeekly—per student, per section, per course*Daily—per student and course
Hourly AggregateNo*Yes—per student
Category AggregatesNo*Yes
Account AggregatesNo*Yes—across multiple courses in a sub-account
Data DisplayTable view
In development: Submission Date column in Student View data
Graphic Illustration view
Data ComparisonsCourse, Section, StudentN/A
Data CustomizationFilter by assignments, quizzes, and graded discussions and enable shape representationsN/A
Activity View
  • View specific students who viewed, didn't view, participate, or didn't participate
  • View specific students with missing or late assignments
  • Message students regarding status
  • View number of students with page views or participations
  • View number of students with missing or late assignments
Assignment Grade StatisticsMean score for the class, sections, and students
In development: median, high, and low scores per assignment grade
Median, high, and low scores per assignment grade
Rollup Resource DataView number of resources viewed with list of resourcesView number of resources viewed
Rollup for Student Assignment StatusStatus per assignment
In development: number of missing, late, on time per student
Missing, late, on time
Mobile Page View DataIncludedN/A
Student Messaging in Score RangesYes—via group message sent to students individuallyNo
Student Messaging for Missing/Late AssignmentsYes—via group message sent to students individuallyNo
CSV Data DownloadYesNo


*improves overall performance; this functionality will continue to be improved



Best, Katrina



Update 1-30-2020: New analytics provides a better representation on user activity than the old analytics. We removed extraneous requests to better align the data with student behavior.