• New Analytics - Table of Contents

    Introduction Instructors Students IntroductionWhat is New Analytics? InstructorsHow do I view analytics for an individual student in New Analytics? How do I view average course grade analytics in an inter...
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  • SQL against backend data?

    Rather than spending time on generating specific queries against the data, since the data is obviously already there on the back end for the currently available analytics, what might be the problem with running SQL ag...
    Lou Colasanti
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  • Comparing course analytics over time

    Hi all,   Is there a way to compare the analytics from one semester to the next semester for a given course?   For example, if I taught Psyc 101 in the fall, how can I compare the analytics from that ...
    Marjorie Bazluki
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  • Add Raw Numbers to Analytics Beta

    Currently, Analytics Beta shows percentages. It would be nice if we could also toggle to show the raw numbers that create those percentages. It would be nice also to see the median score in addition to the average. an...
  • Change Date Range in Analytics Beta

    It would be really nice in the analytics beta to be able manually change the date range.  I am trying to email only those students who have not been active in their class (no participation) within the week. ...
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  • Analytics Page Views and Participations

    Overview Data Sources Request Data Mobile Page View Data LTI Data Page Views Participations Overview As part of our Canvas analytics offering, we track and report against student activity wi...
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