• Weekly Online Activity Beta Release - Monday April 29th

    Hello Analytics Beta Community, Thanks for the continued questions and feedback. The team has been heads down this winter working on the second of three views for the new Course Analytics, and we are just about ready...
    Kevin Turco
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  • Activity and Interaction Data - Input Needed

    Hello Analytics Beta Community, Thank you for trying out Analytics Beta, joining the community, and providing feedback. Open Beta is the place where we can kick the tires of new features, and make adjustments before g...
    Kevin Turco
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  • On Serendipity and Analytics Beta

    At the end of each episode of This Week in Canvas, I ask viewers to make a suggestion for tip of the week. We began the series this semester and have only received a couple of suggestions, and the first one we used as...
    Gregory Beyrer
    created by Gregory Beyrer
  • Welcome to Analytics Beta

    Welcome to Analytics Beta! My name is Kevin Turco, the new Product Manager of Canvas Analytics, and will be updating the community as we continue work on the new Canvas Analytics.   Today we are excited to...
    Kevin Turco
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  • Analytics Beta resets every Monday—you may notice a lapse in service.

    Canvas beta resets every Monday. Until we launch to production later this month our engineering team must re-enable Analytics Beta for all beta accounts. If you have already dragged Analytics Beta to be visible i...
    Katrina Hess
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