• New Analytics and Admin permissions on subaccounts

    Hello everyone! I have a puzzling situation. It was brought to my attention that individuals with the Analytics-View permission on their admin role on a subaccount are able to view the student in...
    Tomika Cox
    created by Tomika Cox
  • Not useful information

    This is just a re-hash of the grades.   Trends Assignment/Quizzes Raw data at the course level Teacher/TA roles - edits to pages, changes to assignment rules - all this data is in Canvas somewhere and no one can ...
    Cynthia Govreau
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  • Analytics Refresh

    Having to wait 24 hours to get the class averages for an assignment is burdensome and not helpful for a teacher!! I would like to see the statistics for an assignment as soon as I entered it, like we were able to do l...
    Laura Montgomery
    last modified by Laura Montgomery
  • New Analytics - Third-party Cookies

    Our institution has been trying the New Analytics features. Even if we are using a Canvas Supported browser, we still have to enable third-party cookies before the New Analytics to run. Otherwise, the New Analytics ca...
    Dennis Foung
    created by Dennis Foung
  • New Analytics - Strategies for Huge Course Weights (Students X Assignments)?

    After knowing that the New Analytics is not supported for large course weights (students X assignments>50K), I was trying to explore how many courses are being affected in my institution. It turns out that we got a...
    Dennis Foung
    created by Dennis Foung
  • Analytics Beta - Break down into daily activity

    We run a short course that is only 6 weeks long, rather than the usual 15 or 16 week university courses. We would like to see course activity broken down not only by week, but by day, to figure out which days are...
    Sarah Jenevein
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  • New Analytics / Old Analytics Parity?

    Aside from New Analytics no longer providing 'stoplight' styled dashboards and merging what was once course, students and analytics beta into one new tool, I am curious as to changed functionality between old and new....
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Enabling New Analytics for Students

    I'm curious--what is your thinking around enabling New Analytics view for students? If you did it, why, and how's it going? If not yet, why not and when do you think you might (if ever)? 
  • Beta analytics: Median? Course-section summary stats?

    Why only a mean? Please add median for the class. Also, when I insert the filter for a course section, it only overlays dots on the scatterplot but provides no summary stats (i.e., means) for the sections. Summary sta...
    Frank Cohen
    last modified by Frank Cohen
  • CSV export of data has no common primary key to Gradebook export

    Kevin Turco  I'm currently working on a project at University of Melbourne to provide some personalised email functionality for students using an external tool called Ontask (Home | OnTask ).  It's a gr...
    Brett Dalton
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  • Analytics Beta Resource Access Analysis

    When I download the csv to see what resources are being accessed, I seem to be getting resources from two different years of the course. Difficult to split out.
    Jim Hefkey
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  • Weekly Online Activity Resource Results

    I thought there used to be a specific link for feedback in the Analytics 2.0 user group, but I'm not seeing that anywhere. Loving the Weekly Online Activity feature! Teachers have asked for this and it's a great ...
    Audra Agnelly
    created by Audra Agnelly
  • Last Interaction and Last Activity in Analytics Beta

    On the Student list,  what is included in the "last interaction" and "last activity" metrics?   Also does this tool read interaction and activity prior to adding the tool to the course?   Sara Udelhof...
    Sara Udelhofen
    last modified by Sara Udelhofen
  • Add Raw Numbers to Analytics Beta

    Currently, Analytics Beta shows percentages. It would be nice if we could also toggle to show the raw numbers that create those percentages. It would be nice also to see the median score in addition to the average. an...
  • Course average

    I have 15 sections of a course "bundled" together, and I need to find out the overall final average for each section.  Currently I can only see the overall final average for all sections together.  PLEASE fi...
    Tammy French
    created by Tammy French
  • Class Grade Distribution

    Please add a breakdown of percentage of students getting As, Bs, Cs, etc.
    Elisa Taylor Admin
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  • class roll incorrect in analytics beta

    It seems analytics is not accessing an up to date course roster.  It's showing 64 students; there are currently 59 (course limit is 60).  One student who dropped during the term is still showing.  Four ...
    Kari Clifton
    last modified by Kari Clifton
  • Analytics beta and gradebook

    The analytics beta is great for a getting a quick look at general student status. It would be even more helpful if there was navigation to investigate further throughout.  For example, click on an assignment an...
    Dee Mack
    last modified by Dee Mack
  • New Analytics Tool and large classes

    I haven't looked deeply into the new analytics tool. Has anyone seen some good uses for it in managing large classes? Thanks so much. Leona
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Reporting by assignment group

    Since all of my grades are imported from a publisher's site, every grade shows up as an "assignment". It would be much more valuable to be able to filter by Assignment Group. I have close to 100 graded items and they ...
    Kathrine Glass
    last modified by Kathrine Glass