• New Analytics: FAQ

     Official User Group Document   How do I enable New Analytics in my account? When do I have to use New Analytics in my account? How long does it take to see data in New Analytics? ...
    Renee Carney
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  • How long is analytics data available?

    I've been searching through the Guides and the Community all morning and am unable to find an answer. How long does analytics data persist?  We are new users of Canvas and only have data going back a few months. ...
    Julie Johnson
    created by Julie Johnson
  • Tool for check your knowledge questions

    Hi,    Can anyone recommend a quizzing tool or a work around for the new quizzes native tool that can do the following:   1. Collects student data (e.g. when they took the quiz and their score) 2. Ei...
    Terianne Hall
    created by Terianne Hall
  • New Analytics - View Specific Page analytics?

    I'm looking at the New Analytics and can't seem to figure out how to look for details on a specific page or resource.  For example, I want to see what students have/have not viewed Resource #1.  I can see th...
    Beth Crook
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  • Student Log Files

    Good morning!  I am trying to access log files for students from our Spring 2020 semester.  The CSV export only shows three weeks of access.  My Canvas Account rep has instructed me to utilize Canvas Da...
    Nancy Webb
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  • Student Log Files

    Good morning!  I am trying to access student log files from our Spring 2020 semester.  The CSV export only shows three weeks of access.  My Canvas Account rep has instructed me to utilize Canvas Data, b...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • What does Total Activity mean?

    When looking at the People view, there is a column that says "Total Activity".  How is that time calculated?  I have students in the course who have completed assignments but the Total Activity is 0.
    Mona Johnston
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  • New Analytics and Admin permissions on subaccounts

    Hello everyone! I have a puzzling situation. It was brought to my attention that individuals with the Analytics-View permission on their admin role on a subaccount are able to view the student in...
    Tomika Cox
    created by Tomika Cox
  • Analytics data reresh

    What time is the Analytics Beta data actually refreshed every day? My timestamp simply says "a day ago" but I am wondering if it happens at the same time every day so teachers can adjust accordingly when using it. Tha...
    Sarah Ross
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  • On Data Differences Between Analytics and New Analytics

    In 2019 we introduced New Analytics to replace and improve upon the course- and user-analytics offering in Canvas. We did so because we saw an opportunity to make an update to a valuable product to provide expanded an...
    Dan Lecocq
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  • Add Total Activity Column

    Add the Total Activity column, currently available in the People tool, to Analytics Beta. This is a useful measure which our academics use a lot, and it seems strange not to have this in the new tool.
    Sonya McChristie
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  • Will New Analytics Present Live Data?

    Will the data available every be live? Currently it says last updated over 24 hours prior, but our weekly online activity dashboards don't actually reflect unless it is a week prior. I'm concerned that our facult...
    Benjamin Whitmore
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  • Canvas Data Store and New Analytics

    How does New Analytics affect the Canvas Data Store?
    Juan Olvera
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  • New Analytics and What's Coming Up

    Hello Canvas Community!   Our commitment to improving our Canvas analytics offering starts with the New Analytics release. This release focuses on interactive views for analytics within the course...
    Katrina Hess
    created by Katrina Hess
  • Will Analytics Beta be part of the API?

    I am interested in Analytics Beta features and want to know if they will be available from the Canvas API either REST or GraphQL.
    Carlos Saito
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  • Can the empty students.csv file be removed?

    Hello, When I click to download the Weekly Online Activity, the .zip file gives three .csv files, but one of them is empty.   Download:  weekly_online_activity.zip chart.csv - average activity (one row...
    Candace Girard
    created by Candace Girard
  • New vs. Old Analytics

    Hello Canvas Community!   We will continue to iterate on improvements to course-level analytics. In the meantime, we've created a guide of the differences. Please let me know in the comments if we've missed...
    Katrina Hess
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  • What use is new analytics?

    Old analytics was very useful, New Analytics completely useless. What is the value of class averages? I teach students, not abstract statistics. Does anyone find the new analytics useful, and for what? The 24 hour re...
    Daniel Griggs
    created by Daniel Griggs
  • Not useful information

    This is just a re-hash of the grades.   Trends Assignment/Quizzes Raw data at the course level Teacher/TA roles - edits to pages, changes to assignment rules - all this data is in Canvas somewhere and no one can ...
    Cynthia Govreau
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  • Analytics and Conferencing (BBB)

    Hello!  Hope everyone is safe and well. We had a faculty asking a few questions about Conferencing (BBB) analytics:   There are staff under the impression that the BBB can store statistical and measureme...
    Nancy Webb
    created by Nancy Webb