• Filters Needed in Analytics

    TL;DR User specific start and end date Do not include ALL students   EXPANDED DESCRIPTION OF THE WORKFLOW YOU ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH 1) Allow the user to specify when the data displayed begins and ends. A ...
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  • Message Students Who...with more than 100%

    Currently, the Messages Students Who percentage range only allows between 0% and 100%. Some faculty award extra credit and would have students with scores greater than 100%. The instructor is not able to message these...
    Tasha Biesinger
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  • Can we find out the first time a student accesses a resource?

    Hello,   In a student access report, we can see the number of times a student has viewed a resource and the time and date of the last view of that resource, but is there any possible way to see more detail?...
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • Analytics Feedback

      Something that would be extremely helpful with the Analytics Feature would be the Number of Assignments students are missing along with the percentages. 
    Kenya Johnson
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  • Time Stamp login Activity

      Loved the Analytics Feature.  It would be helpful to see usage times.  Sometimes I would like to know who was studying at home but if they came to class an logged in, it would just show that they logg...
    Jay Cvetko
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  • Change Date Range in Analytics Beta

    It would be really nice in the analytics beta to be able manually change the date range.  I am trying to email only those students who have not been active in their class (no participation) within the week. ...
    Hal Raymond
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  • Not useful information

    This is just a re-hash of the grades.   Trends Assignment/Quizzes Raw data at the course level Teacher/TA roles - edits to pages, changes to assignment rules - all this data is in Canvas somewhere and no one can ...
    Cynthia Govreau
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  • Sort by Semester and Module

    It would be more useful to see only the current semester or module instead of adding the 1st and 2nd-semester grades together to get a 157% average in a class.
    Michael Hale
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  • Can Weekly Online Activity include an option to exclude API resources?

    Having been looking at the Weekly Online Activity reports added to Analytics Beta this week, one thing that does strike me is that the resource listing also includes api resources (e.g. /api/v1/courses/3705/ping,...
    Antony Coombs
    created by Antony Coombs
  • Will the new Analytics allow us to view which sections (e.g. assignment) a student views?

    Beth Bradford
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  • Concluded Enrollments should not display in the student list

    TL;DR It appears concluded enrollments are displaying in the analytics list. Only active enrollments should display by default.    EXPANDED DESCRIPTION OF THE WORKFLOW YOU ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH Instructor...
    Susan Nugent
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  • students who are no longer enrolled

    TL;DR   EXPANDED DESCRIPTION OF THE WORKFLOW YOU ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH   Students who are no longer enrolled in my course are showing up in Analytics Beta. So, when I look at which students with missing ...
    Bonnie Gadapee
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  • When will the Weekly Online Activity feature be released?

    Is there a rough date in mind for releasing the Weekly Online Activity feature?
    Jeff Pinto
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  • Will Analytics 2.0 offer file access reporting?

    Will Analytics 2.0 offer access information for files so that instructors can see which materials are accessed, by whom, and when in the term? Our instructors would like to have this information for helping think...
    Todd Van Zandt
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  • Analytics Beta Concern

    Is there a way that the "Analytics Beta" feature can allow teachers to receive course statistics only for students who are currently enrolled in a class?  I've noticed that the course statistics are inaccurate fo...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Analytics data reresh

    What time is the Analytics Beta data actually refreshed every day? My timestamp simply says "a day ago" but I am wondering if it happens at the same time every day so teachers can adjust accordingly when using it. Tha...
    Sarah Ross
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  • Click or ESC to dismiss

    TL;DR   EXPANDED DESCRIPTION OF THE WORKFLOW YOU ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH When I click on a blue dot to bring up a detail chart for that item, I have to click a tiny x in the top right to dismiss the panel. I w...
    David Dumonde
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  • Analytics Beta Feedback

    I've just played with Analytics Beta a little bit, but the immediate thing I wish it had was a force refresh button. I just put students tests in and I would like to see their average now rather than wait 24 hours. At...
    Shannah Johnson
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  • Analytics, Page Views, Weird!

    These questions have probably been asked before. I searched and could not find anything so I will ask.   I am going into Analytics for one student, and I am concerned about their "Activity."  The one metric...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Announcement Data

    Will Analytics Beta eventually track student announcement views?
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders