• Next Student, please?

    When viewing the Weekly Online Activity, after I scroll down and select a student name I can see detail for that student.  And to go to the next student I need to click the back arrow, scroll down again and then ...
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  • Will Analytics Beta be part of the API?

    I am interested in Analytics Beta features and want to know if they will be available from the Canvas API either REST or GraphQL.
    Carlos Saito
    created by Carlos Saito
  • SQL against backend data?

    Rather than spending time on generating specific queries against the data, since the data is obviously already there on the back end for the currently available analytics, what might be the problem with running SQL ag...
    Lou Colasanti
    created by Lou Colasanti
  • When will the Weekly Online Activity feature be released?

    Is there a rough date in mind for releasing the Weekly Online Activity feature?
    Jeff Pinto
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  • Add Total Activity Column

    Add the Total Activity column, currently available in the People tool, to Analytics Beta. This is a useful measure which our academics use a lot, and it seems strange not to have this in the new tool.
    Sonya McChristie
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  • Add Course Item Analytics to Analytics Beta/2.0

    TL;DR Let us view overall accesses of a resource for the whole course.   We have instructors interested in more statistics/analytics regarding course items, such as pages, videos, and downloadable files such as ....
    Christopher Rodriguez
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  • Overall average of each section

    I love the analytics beta function because I need to compare scores of assignments across 15 sections (all of which are cross listed into one).  Grad students teach these sections, so I need to keep tabs on score...
    Tammy French
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  • Include Analytics on hyperlinked files

    Instead of just dumping files into a module, I build tables to organize my material and then hyperlink text in my tables to Canvas files. I cannot see how many people are looking at my Practice Test 1, for example, I ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Are there future plans for routing Analytics data to Support Services?

    Once Analytics is available for the student, are there any future plans to connect/rout the data to support groups, like counseling, or disabled students services? I love that we can email "students who...", but I wou...
    Sue Harlan
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  • Student and Resource Weekly Data

    Not a question so much as an issue I'd like to raise.    When I looked at weekly activity and selected a particular week the student data was filtered to that week but the resource use data remained the sam...
    Daniel Barry
    created by Daniel Barry
  • Separate, Total Class Averages

      I have three periods of one class. Can you please allow me to see each class' average percent? Right now I can only see the total average percent for all three classes combined. I want them to know how each cla...
    Cory Rasmussen
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  • Can you filter the data in analytics beta by type of assignment?

    View only one type of assignment in Analytics beta   At the moment, analytics beta lets you compare the results of your class; a student against the cohort in either quizzes or assignments or both. I would l...
    Rebecca Kennedy
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  • Comparing course analytics over time

    Hi all,   Is there a way to compare the analytics from one semester to the next semester for a given course?   For example, if I taught Psyc 101 in the fall, how can I compare the analytics from that ...
    Marjorie Bazluki
    created by Marjorie Bazluki
  • Analytics Beta - need info on individual student accessing particular resource

    I checked out Analytics Beta, and it does give aggregate information about access of all resources by one student, and aggregate access by all students of a particular resource. It does not tell me what I would like t...
    Sabine Jeschonnek
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  • Analytics Filter by date feature

    TL;DR I would like to see the ability to filter student participation, login times etc by date.   EXPANDED DESCRIPTION OF THE WORKFLOW YOU ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH
    Matt Seluk
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  • Resources Report Including Last Years Resources

    For some reason, when I run the resources.csv file, I have resources from last year as well?? There was an iss ue earlier in the semester when one of the TA's overwrote this years files with last years (the day befor...
    Jim Hefkey
    created by Jim Hefkey
  • Message Students Who...with more than 100%

    Currently, the Messages Students Who percentage range only allows between 0% and 100%. Some faculty award extra credit and would have students with scores greater than 100%. The instructor is not able to message these...
    Tasha Biesinger
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  • Analytics Beta - Page Views

    When you navigate to the Resources list in the Weekly Online Activity view, one of the metrics is "page views". Does this only count student users or would that include observers as well? In a public course would that...
    Audra Agnelly
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  • Filters Needed in Analytics

    TL;DR User specific start and end date Do not include ALL students   EXPANDED DESCRIPTION OF THE WORKFLOW YOU ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH 1) Allow the user to specify when the data displayed begins and ends. A ...
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  • Can we find out the first time a student accesses a resource?

    Hello,   In a student access report, we can see the number of times a student has viewed a resource and the time and date of the last view of that resource, but is there any possible way to see more detail?...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders