• Problems with New Analytics - Navigation

    A few more comments for the New Analytics   (1) When viewing with multiple filters, sometimes the markers in the chart perfectly overlap. In this case, it's not easy to click on the interactive marker that ...
    Dennis Foung
    created by Dennis Foung
  • Filters Needed in Analytics

    TL;DR User specific start and end date Do not include ALL students   EXPANDED DESCRIPTION OF THE WORKFLOW YOU ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH 1) Allow the user to specify when the data displayed begins and ends. A ...
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  • Analytics Filter by date feature

    I would like to see the ability to filter student participation, login times etc by date.
    Matt Seluk
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  • New Analytics - Are views/participations for All Resources accurate?

    I'm investigating New Analytics in our Beta environment prior to enabling in production and have spotted some inconsistencies in the All Resources views/participations via the Message students who... functionality. &#...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Data for public courses

    We've just recently turned on New Analytics to get ahead of the March rollout, which would be a challenge with our term schedule. We have a few "public" courses that are available as resources for students, and do not...
    Justin Kornheisl
    created by Justin Kornheisl
  • Submissions graph missing from new analytics?

    The "old" analytics page had a graph called "submissions" where you could see the date that specific assignments were submitted.  (It had green dots for submissions -- hover over them and you can see details of t...
    Jennifer Sayre
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  • Concluded Enrollments should not display in the student list

    TL;DR It appears concluded enrollments are displaying in the analytics list. Only active enrollments should display by default.    Instructors should be able to filter out inactive and concluded enrollments ...
    Susan Nugent
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  • students who are no longer enrolled

    Students who are no longer enrolled in my course are showing up in Analytics Beta. So, when I look at which students with missing submissions, students who are no longer enrolled appear.   Thank you!
    Bonnie Gadapee
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  • Will Analytics 2.0 offer file access reporting?

    Will Analytics 2.0 offer access information for files so that instructors can see which materials are accessed, by whom, and when in the term? Our instructors would like to have this information for helping think...
    Todd Van Zandt
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  • Click or ESC to dismiss

    When I click on a blue dot to bring up a detail chart for that item, I have to click a tiny x in the top right to dismiss the panel. I would like to be able to dismiss the panel by clicking anywhere outside of the pan...
    David Dumonde
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  • Analytics Beta Feedback

    I've just played with Analytics Beta a little bit, but the immediate thing I wish it had was a force refresh button. I just put students tests in and I would like to see their average now rather than wait 24 hours. At...
    Shannah Johnson
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  • analytics beta

    TL;DR I like that I can see a distribution plot for a given assignment, but why I can't I see one for the overall course grade?  This is the one I'm most interested in getting a quick snapshot for.   EXPANDE...
    Kari Clifton
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  • Time zone setting in Analytics BETA

    The format of time records (such as Last page view) in exported CSV file is [YYYY]-[MM]-[DD]T[HH]:[MM]:[SS.SSS]Z. It seems to follow the GMT time zone. However, most of Canvas users are not located in GMT time zone. I...
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  • Last Activity Question

    Hello I'm looking Beta Analytics in our beta environment and wondering why there is a discrepancy between last activity in the beta analytics students table and the same student(s) last activity listed in People? ...
    Tiffany Morgan
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  • Analytics Feedback

      Something that would be extremely helpful with the Analytics Feature would be the Number of Assignments students are missing along with the percentages. 
    Kenya Johnson
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  • Can you filter the data in analytics beta by type of assignment?

    View only one type of assignment in Analytics beta   At the moment, analytics beta lets you compare the results of your class; a student against the cohort in either quizzes or assignments or both. I would l...
    Rebecca Kennedy
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  • New Course and User Analytics Set to Allow in Production

    Hi all We are setting up our courses for Spring 2020 and want to be sure those courses use the new user analytics. In beta we have options for on, allow, and off. In production I only have on or off as options. ...
    Tiffany Morgan
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  • Overall average of each section

    I love the analytics beta function because I need to compare scores of assignments across 15 sections (all of which are cross listed into one).  Grad students teach these sections, so I need to keep tabs on score...
    Tammy French
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  • SQL against backend data?

    Rather than spending time on generating specific queries against the data, since the data is obviously already there on the back end for the currently available analytics, what might be the problem with running SQL ag...
    Lou Colasanti
    created by Lou Colasanti
  • When will the Weekly Online Activity feature be released?

    Is there a rough date in mind for releasing the Weekly Online Activity feature?
    Jeff Pinto
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