• Additional Grade Details - quartiles, median, etc

    The course coordinator for one of our high-enrollment programs would like to have more descriptive data about assignment grades.  In particular, she is looking for median and quartile information.  I have be...
    Valerie Rake
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  • Grade Book with two Grading Schemes

    I would like to set up a course as follows:  Three equally weighted exams will count 75% of the final grade.  Ten quizzes which make up the remainder 25% of the final grade.  I would like to set it up s...
    Ross Longley
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  • New Analytics Resources

    The following resources are available to help you learn all about New Analytics. General How-To Comparisons General New Analytics: FAQ  Find common questions and answers about the New Analy...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Embed quiz question(s) within page

    I give credit to K. Howatt in 2018 for asking this.  I, too, would like students to read material and passages on a Canvas page, then answer a question at the bottom for comprehension-checks with an embedded Canv...
    Terianne Hall
    created by Terianne Hall
  • Analytics Refresh

    Having to wait 24 hours to get the class averages for an assignment is burdensome and not helpful for a teacher!! I would like to see the statistics for an assignment as soon as I entered it, like we were able to do l...
    Laura Montgomery
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  • Next Student, please?

    When viewing the Weekly Online Activity, after I scroll down and select a student name I can see detail for that student.  And to go to the next student I need to click the back arrow, scroll down again and then ...
    last modified by fernerj@erau.edu
  • Student View Error Message

    While In beta looking at the New Analytics, I noted that the 'student view' returns an error message. The navigation appears to be offer the same to students as instructors. Is anyone else experiencing an error? ...
    Heather Stockford Sade
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  • How do I remove the course navigation placement for New Analytics?

    There being a button in the right sidebar, the navigation link is supererogatory.
    Clint Jacobsen
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  • New Analytics - Third-party Cookies

    Our institution has been trying the New Analytics features. Even if we are using a Canvas Supported browser, we still have to enable third-party cookies before the New Analytics to run. Otherwise, the New Analytics ca...
    Dennis Foung
    created by Dennis Foung
  • New Analytics - Strategies for Huge Course Weights (Students X Assignments)?

    After knowing that the New Analytics is not supported for large course weights (students X assignments>50K), I was trying to explore how many courses are being affected in my institution. It turns out that we got a...
    Dennis Foung
    created by Dennis Foung
  • Problems with New Analytics - Functions

    When trying out the New Analytics, having some more functions to be beneficial to users.    (1) The filter function should allow greater flexibility User should be able to remove the course average if ...
    Dennis Foung
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  • Problems with New Analytics - Presentation

    After trying out the New Analytics features, we found some confusing ways for presenting some features.    (1) The list of students is not clear.  By default, the Course average is displayed, and ...
    Dennis Foung
    created by Dennis Foung
  • Problems with New Analytics - Navigation

    A few more comments for the New Analytics   (1) When viewing with multiple filters, sometimes the markers in the chart perfectly overlap. In this case, it's not easy to click on the interactive marker that ...
    Dennis Foung
    created by Dennis Foung
  • Filters Needed in Analytics

    TL;DR User specific start and end date Do not include ALL students   EXPANDED DESCRIPTION OF THE WORKFLOW YOU ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH 1) Allow the user to specify when the data displayed begins and ends. A ...
    last modified by dianepbh@pps.net
  • Analytics Filter by date feature

    I would like to see the ability to filter student participation, login times etc by date.
    Matt Seluk
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  • New Analytics - Are views/participations for All Resources accurate?

    I'm investigating New Analytics in our Beta environment prior to enabling in production and have spotted some inconsistencies in the All Resources views/participations via the Message students who... functionality. &#...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Data for public courses

    We've just recently turned on New Analytics to get ahead of the March rollout, which would be a challenge with our term schedule. We have a few "public" courses that are available as resources for students, and do not...
    Justin Kornheisl
    created by Justin Kornheisl
  • We're Updating our Data Source

    Hello Canvas Community!    There was a glitch in the matrix. We discovered a problem that affected the accuracy of your data. To ensure that data numbers are what they should be, we are updating the da...
    Katrina Hess
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  • Submissions graph missing from new analytics?

    The "old" analytics page had a graph called "submissions" where you could see the date that specific assignments were submitted.  (It had green dots for submissions -- hover over them and you can see details of t...
    Jennifer Sayre
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  • Concluded Enrollments should not display in the student list

    TL;DR It appears concluded enrollments are displaying in the analytics list. Only active enrollments should display by default.    Instructors should be able to filter out inactive and concluded enrollments ...
    Susan Nugent
    last modified by Susan Nugent