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Bobby Pedersen
Click to view contentI love getting lost in a book. And I treasure memories of my four kids as small people snuggling up for stories every night. The highlight of our day sometimes. I also treasure reading to a spellbound class, making predictions, laughing, feeling sad, wallowing in images formed by deliciously crafted words.   A lot of our learning is being done… (Show more)
Adam Ware
Engaging students can be challenging during the best of times - how do you do it during a video conference?   In this webinar, Logan Balavijendran (Customer Success Manager) will cover 7 practical strategies to get the most out of any live online session - no matter the video conferencing tool you use within Canvas. The strategies will link to… (Show more)
Paul Millar
Click to view content  With many countries around the world being affected by COVID-19, we wanted to make sure that you have some resources to assist you with getting courses online in the event that you are no longer able to deliver courses face to face. We suggest following this page so you are kept up to date as we provide further resources.   Quick tips for…
Julian Ridden
Click to view contentI was wondering what tools (if any) people are using to measure student happiness online.   Like everyone else, I am moving everyone online very suddenly thanks to CORVID. My hope was to have a popup on the frontpage asking users (teachers and students) to share how they are feeling with the typical "smiley face" options.   For example: My… (Show more)
Adam Ware
  As part of the ever-changing landscape associated with the global COVID19 pandemic, Paul Millar and Adam Ware sat down with Yarra Valley Grammar's Philip Callil to talk about considerations for preparing your institution for imminent closure.   In this 40 minute webinar, we discuss: Tips for getting up and running quickly Discuss a variety… (Show more)
Sara Frizelle
Hello All,
As many of you may be currently doing, we are updating our school closure/students missing school plan. As we are a newer Canvas school, we need to write in how Canvas will be used in a school closure situation. While we already have 'expectations' of what should be in a course, it's another for our teachers (K-13) to think about using Canvas to ran a class possibly online. Given we are a K-13 school, we also need to ensure consistency across classes.  Do any of you have a plan that you would be willing to share? I need to turn this around quickly, and am hoping not to start from scratch. Thanks all. As always, I appreciate your insights.
Connie Khoo
Click to view contentEvery day, more and more schools and organisations are closing their doors to help contain the spread of COVID-19. As Canvas APAC Learning Consultants, our current challenge is to adapt specifically-designed “onsite trainings” that rely on hands-on activities and face-to-face interactions into full-day remote sessions.  We’ve made a few key… (Show more)
Candice Lim
Click to view contentIf you are one of the teachers, facilitators, instructors or lecturers who is impacted by COVID-19, we have identified 3 things that you can do right now to set up your virtual classroom in Canvas. We have also attached an infographic that you can send or print out to your organisation.   1. Get familiar with your video conferencing tools   Video… (Show more)
Daniel Gilogley
Click to view contentIf you are one of the Admins at a school, organisation or university which is impacted by COVID-19, we have identified 3 things that you can do right now to set up your Virtual Campus in Canvas.      Ensure all users are provisioned within Canvas   Use a SIS Import to ensure that all your users are provisioned within Canvas. This will allow… (Show more)
Mike Hobson
Would anyone have a csv of NESA subject outcomes? Strangely hard to find outcomes in a format that I can get ready to upload.
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