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Bobby Pedersen
On my way to work I go past several schools and notice the different School Visions emblazoned on flags and gateways. It seems that over the past decades the trend has been to display school visions, mission statements and values for all to see. Of course much time and wisdom has gone into creating these statements that help create a school… (Show more)
Bobby Pedersen
Recently Craig Nicholls and I collaborated using the Canvas Free for Teacher instance. As we are from different states it just seemed easier that way. Although Free For Teachers didn’t have the usual bells and whistles we are used to in our own instances it served our purpose well.    Craig and I had never met in person before, had only interacted… (Show more)
Jeremy Stevens
Hi APAC members,   We're currently investigating how we might best manage whitelisting LTIs in the EduApp Center for our institution. Do any of you have any advice on managing this?   We need to figure out: How to decide which LTIs we will whitelist  How to decide on the criteria we will use to approve LTIs  How to decide what we require from… (Show more)
Sarah Tirtilas
I am really keen to know how lower primary teachers (K-2) are using Canvas in their classrooms to support learning in particular Maths and English curriculums.  Any ideas you can share would be greatly appreciated!   Bobby Pedersen TONYA MERCER
Elizabeth George
Hi I am looking for schools in other states and countries to do collaborative group work through canvas in Geography years 7-10 . I am based in Sydney Australia.   We could start small with a couple of students from each school in a group preparing a webpage or powerpoint etc 
Mark Wittervan
Click to view contentAnyone have a problem with Cnavas sudenly allowing all users to delete their account?   luckly it goes to a PDF on the Canvas by Instructure web site.     We have been asking Instructure what they were going to do about GDRP.  This is not the solution and we have asked for it to be removed.
Bobby Pedersen
Last week I was lucky enough to go to the sold out CanvasCon in Sydney. It was a great opportunity to:  meet colleagues I usually only collaborate with online  put faces to names  swap stories and ideas  meet a true Canvas rock star Renee Carney   soak up Canvas enthusiasm  hear about what’s coming for Canvas  celebrate what has happened in the… (Show more)
Kim Flowers
Hi everyone,   As per last year, I thought it might be nice to catch up with those of you who may be flying in the night before.  I have booked a table under my name from 5:30pm on, however I know most won't be getting in until a little later - so please swing by to say hello!   I look forward to meeting/catching up with you all soon!
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