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I am going to put my hand up and openly admit something - I have been a lazy community member. Like many, I lurk in the background waiting for something to catch my eye or solve my problem. While I am continuously surprised by the gems I find (including people!) I am guilty of taking what I need, not saying thank you, or sharing my experience. My excuses started as a new user, mistakenly thinking I had nothing to contribute and then moved onto another run of the mill excuse "I just don't have time". I wish I had a much more interesting excuse like my cat and I switched bodies and my paws kept hitting the wrong such luck.


While I could have this conversation over email with colleagues, I would much rather be open and post it right here in the community - I wonder how many of you have had the same thoughts? Considering the APAC community has existed for over a year, I thought I would take a moment to raise this question: 

How can we make the most of the APAC community?

As a designer, I want to explore - why do we want an APAC community? what is the purpose of the APAC community? what are our goals? how do we know we are achieving our goals? what makes joining or contributing to this community valuable above that of the general community? what does a successful APAC community look like?

It has come to my attention that this APAC space could be so much more - and that it's up to us (the members of the community) to grow and evolve the community in to what we want it to be.


With that in mind, I have decided to purposefully dedicate time to the community and discover different ways I can share successes, challenges, ideas, and questions.


Being from the Australian higher education sector I see value in having a space for the region to communicate and share similar experiences. We have an opportunity to form stronger relationships based on our shared environments, time zones, and physical proximity. This space also provides an area to curate content shared in the broader community and get behind new ideas that we believe are highly relevant to our group. I also remain highly interested in how colleagues in the K-12 sector are using Canvas - these are our future students and we can learn a lot from your experience. 


Here ends my confession. Where to from here?