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Colleen Ortega

My InstCon 2017 summary

Posted by Colleen Ortega Aug 24, 2017

I know there are still things from InstCon 2017 that I haven't had the chance to explore further and I'm sure there are things that I have placed in the back of my mind that I haven't even processed yet.


In addition to presenting about the MyUni Transform project, I met with other Canvas users from around the globe to discuss many topics but the highlights were:

  • Improving the Canvas Community
  • Sharing ideas to support staff and students in using Canvas
  • Exploring up and coming features
  • Sharing resources and course design rubrics
  • Canvas hacks


From learning about community created Canvancements (Canvas hacks), to knowing who to follow for all things Canvas mobile, to discussing online course design standards with California Community Colleges; the days of travel and incredible jet lag were worth it.


In sharing with others from around the world it’s nice to know our challenges aren’t unique when it comes to learning and teaching, which means we can work together to find solutions.