Ungraded Options for SCORM Packages

Blog Post created by ahayson@instructure.com Employee on Mar 27, 2018

This particular piece was written as part of a response to a question asked at the Monthly APAC Group Catch-Up. 


The Question

What other options are there for providing SCORM to our end users that isn't necessarily graded. More specifically, formative assessment options or ways to utilise SCORM as a learning resource. 


My Response

One option is to Upload the SCORM Package as an Ungraded Assignment and then iFrame the relevant HTML Code into a Content Page. Please find the steps below:


Step 1
Upload the SCORM Package using SCORM and set as a 'Ungraded Assignment'. We have set to Ungraded because we are identifying that there is no need for Grade Passback. We are just using this as item as a resource. Here is a guide on how to Upload a SCORM Package
Step 2
Click on the Assignment and go to 'Edit Settings'. Ensure you identify that the tool needs to be opened in a 'New Tab' and then click 'Save'.
Load This Tool In A New Tab Toggle in Assignment Settings
Step 3
You will then see the following screen that allows you the ability to load in a New Tab. Click on the 'Load' button. 
Load in New Tab
Step 4
Once open, take the URL from that 'New Tab' and insert it into this iFrame where the '#' is:
<p><iframe src="#" width="100%" height="640"></iframe></p>
Step 5
Insert the above HTML using the HTML Editor inside of a Content Page. 
Any questions, please tag me when you comment below. 
- Am