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The Community Spider Web

Blog Post created by Bobby Pedersen Champion on Oct 5, 2018

At the recent CanvasCon in Sydney we were asked a series of questions. As there was not enough time to answer them all live we have begun a series attempting to answer a few here. 


But Community is all about people, your input to the discussions will assist everyone so much, so please feel free to add your thoughts and experiences. 


Two questions arose that were very similar. 

What is the easiest way to learn how to use the community? It is like a spider web!

How can we learn to navigate the community quicker? It's like a spider web of information.

Here are some of my favourite ways of finding my way around the Canvas Community:

  • Home. This will give you quick access asking questions, sharing ideas, and joining groups.  
  • Inbox. The little bell at the top right of your Community pages shows if you have any messages. This is where people can message you, share resources with you or where you can receive Community notifications. 
  • Profile. This is where you can keep your bookmarks of cool resources you have found in the Community, find the groups you belong to, see your rewards, and look at your activity and content you have created. Remember to edit your profile if you get a chance and organise your Preferences eg. Email notifications, personal landing page, discussion view style, language, time zone. Guides: Community 
  • Groups. Joining a group gives you access to resources and meaty conversations based on the group focus. The capacity to ask questions there or problem solve with other people who have similar interests is golden. Learning from each other is where it’s at.How do I participate in a group in the Canvas Community?   What can I do as a group member in the Canvas Community? 

       Groups that I used a lot to start with were K-12 Canvas User Engagement  and of course APAC our Asia          Pacific Group

  • News. I’ve set my Canvas Community profile up to access the most recent News easily. It can also be access by clicking the drop down arrow next to Browse – one of the options is News. All sorts of things pop up there that I may never have thought about but are often quite interesting. Questions, blogs, discussions, announcements on all sorts of Canvasy things.
  • Search. The search option at the top right is invaluable. I use it a lot!


I guess the best way to get used to the spiders web is to have a purpose first, then get involved, bookmark a few blogs and discussions, follow a few people, and check your inbox. 


Many thanks to Scott Dennis for his support during CanvasCon and this Canvascon Q&AStuart Ryan and Jayde Colquhoun fellow panelists, and the wonderful Barrett Doran for being the MC. 


Feel free to add your thoughts to the discussion below.