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Bobby Pedersen

Community Q&A

Posted by Bobby Pedersen Champion Nov 4, 2018

At the recent CanvasCon in Sydney we were asked a series of questions. As there was not enough time to answer them all live we have begun a series attempting to answer a few here. 


Here are links to the questions as they have been answered. I hope they are helpful and encourage you to join in the discussions below each one.


The one and only Scott Dennis answered quite a few in this blog Canvascon Q&A 


How can we best set up individual learning plans for learners within Canvas? 

Who is using Canvas in a primary school setting? 

If you had to sell Canvas to a group of hesitant staff in one sentence, how would you do so? 

Can you share when you have had a fail with Canvas and how you learned from that?   

What challenges did you face with using/implementing Canvas from a public (government) school perspective? 

The Community Spider Web 

Who is using ePortfolios well in Australia? 

What is an under used area of the community that more people should access? 

Our Canvas Community Needs You 


Many thanks to Jayde Colquhoun and Stuart Ryan for being the experts on the panel.