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Well, it is almost the holiday period, and I hope you are all getting the opportunity to wind down, reflect on the year and spend some time with friends and family. 

From Stuart Ryan, Bobby Pedersen and myself, we would like to THANK YOU ALL for such great questions, answers, chats, blogs, laughs and contribution throughout 2018. We loved meeting some of you at CanvasCon this year, and likewise for those who were lucky enough to head over to InstructureCon - and are grateful to have such a vibrant community.  


A special mention thank you to both Jacob Towne and Kim Flowers for keeping us social. Jacob for organising a wonderful catch-up in Sydney at CanvasCon 2018 and Kim for setting up a meet up for the new year  (Victorian Canvas Chapter Meet-up) with the invite open to our members right across APAC. If you haven't RSVP'd already - please go and do so! 


I think it's important I pop in here another special mention to the ever wonderful Barrett Doran who is so wonderfully supportive of our APAC community group. 


So, where to for our APAC community in the new year?


In the new year, the APAC Community leaders have committed to a consistent schedule of interesting, informative blog posts and updates in our APAC Community group, and we would like to approach members of this community, or key people from all of our institutions to guest appear on some of those schedule dates (more on that to come!).


We will also work on a significant meet-up around CanvasCon 2019, and a smaller one for those at InstructureCon - along with a strategy on how we can bring in even more wonderful members from right across all areas of education institutions using Canvas in APAC.  


Once we have all returned from leave in the new year, we will post a schedule and our commitments and then open the forum for topic requests and suggestions from you all - and we do look forward to hearing from you all then. 


So, all of that said, for our last item on the agenda from your APAC community leaders, and to end the year on a positive.. we would like to know.. 


What was your 2018 Canvas highlight?


Also... I know some people have decorated their desks this year for the festive season - share photos! We must see!


Happy Holidays all, from your APAC Community Leaders. 


Your APAC community leaders


(Banner photo by Filip Bunkens on Unsplash)