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Bobby Pedersen

Extreme Beginnings

Posted by Bobby Pedersen Champion Jan 31, 2019

Beginning the year Down Under is seeing some extreme events as far as weather goes this year. Our beautiful state of Tasmania is crispy dry, fires are raging everywhere with a spot of snow today in Hobart   'A remarkable end to the fires': Snow falls on parts of Tasmania as fires still smoulder - ABC News (Australian Broadcas…. Queensland is dealing with floods and New Zealand is sweltering while dealing with bush fire smoke from across the Tasman Sea.

All of this hot on the heels of our long and restful Christmas break – for some.


To ease us gently into the academic year we’d love to hear about what exciting events are happening in your neck of the woods, be it Canvas related, education excitement or a good weather story.


Here in Tasmania, we are about to launch Virtual Learning Tasmania for year 11 and 12 students to participate in. Four talented teachers will be providing some exciting learning opportunities for remote students via Canvas. That’s exciting. Go VLT!


And, of course, our wonderful Blended Learning Leaders will be hitting the road statewide to support schools K-12 as they add a little zing to their teaching and learning programs.


Here's some excitement from Lauren Sayer from Melbourne 2019 Focus!  


What excitement have you got planned for 2019? 

Please add to the discussion.