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3 things to do right now to set up your virtual classroom in preparation for COVID-19

Blog Post created by Candice Lim Employee on Mar 8, 2020

If you are one of the teachers, facilitators, instructors or lecturers who is impacted by COVID-19, we have identified 3 things that you can do right now to set up your virtual classroom in Canvas. We have also attached an infographic that you can send or print out to your organisation.


1. Get familiar with your video conferencing tools


Video conferencing allows you to connect with your students and learners in real time. Within Canvas, you can use BigBlueButton through Conferences. Relevant Canvas Guides here.


Your institution may also be using external video conferencing software such as Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, Webex or Adobe Connect, so check in with your administrator to ask about your options.


2. Upload your files into Canvas


If you have powerpoints, documents, PDFs and other resources on your computer, you can quickly upload them into Canvas so that your students have access to your Files. Relevant Canvas Guides here.


If your institution is integrated with Google or Office365, you will also be able to access your files directly from your Google Drive or OneDrive


If you want to organise your files (and not share every single file in Canvas), add them to Modules to keep them organised into topics. Relevant Canvas Guides here.


3. Learn how to set up a Discussion


Discussions allow teachers and students to engage in interactive communication outside of the classroom. They’re easy to create, and offer you the ability to embed notes, slides, pictures and recordings. Use it to get your students to ask questions, problem solve, and generate new ideas. Relevant Canvas Guides here.


Last Thoughts

With any of the tools in Canvas, including those listed above, reach out to Canvas Support if you ever need help. You can find them in your Help Menu.


3 things for teachers to do to prepare for COVID-19