Bobby Pedersen

Still loving reading

Blog Post created by Bobby Pedersen Champion on Mar 25, 2020

I love getting lost in a book. And I treasure memories of my four kids as small people snuggling up for stories every night. The highlight of our day sometimes. I also treasure reading to a spellbound class, making predictions, laughing, feeling sad, wallowing in images formed by deliciously crafted words.


A lot of our learning is being done online now. Teachers are scrambling to create inviting learning environments online in preparation for schools to close.  How will this impact those treasured reading moments? 


I had a teacher ask me today if it is OK to record herself reading to her class. Would this breach copyright laws?  First of all I had to thank her for realising that there's nothing like the familiarity of the treasured class teacher reading to the class. Yes, there are YouTube clips that can be embedded into courses, and they are great. But a teacher taking the time to connect with the learners they know best is quite a different dynamic. 


So I did a spot of research, called a friend and found out that yes indeed it's fine to record yourself reading. In case you are not sure here are some handy details Australian libraries responding to COVID-19 | Australian Library and Information Association .


When you get a chance, make the most of this opportunity to keep connecting with your learners through the joy of reading. I'd love to hear how you get on.