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  • Organisation Introductions & Snapshots
  • Ideas for collaboration -  Making the most of this group
  • Themes for User Group disucssions
  • Instructional Design and Templates
  • Next Steps 



Leadership Institute - WA 
  • Nichola Kerr
  • David Turk
  • Peter Tan
Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst 
  • Vickie Vance
School Leadership Institute - NSW
  • Eamon McCaughan
  • Joanne Jarvis
Catholic Education - TAS
  • Ruth Batge
Department of Education - TAS
  • Kate Spencer
  • Denise Neal
  • Julian Ebeli
Department of Education - VIC
  • Roger Nowell
  • Tamara Carpenter


Meeting Recording Link:


Meeting Minutes:


1. Introductions


2. Ideas for collaboration

  • Canvas Commons

    • You can view and utilise public resources that other Canvas users have created
    • Consortium Model could be used for
      • Share content between different institutions
      • Posting templates and getting feedback from other institutions 
      • Getting different perspectives
  • Canvas Community 
    • Guides 
    • Release notes 
    • Feature ideas/Requests


Common Themes for Ideas

  • Main themes for future agenda items were:
    • How to get faculty writing courses 

    • Best practices in PD instructional design

    • How to assist first-timers to run a course 

    • Data & tracking and monitoring engagement

    • Course Templates 

    • How we can all work collaboratively 


3. Course template and instruction design

The user group focus on course template and  instructional design for this meeting and we asked users to share their experience on this topic


WA Leadership Institute
  • Want to focus on how to manage and speed up the development of content 
    • What is going to save end-users time (Participants)
    • What is going to save course creators time as well
      • Templates 
      • Individual elements within templates that will save time


School Leadership Institute NSW
  • Created & developed all of the material they needed for the course then built the course template
  • Blocked out PD time with the Learners and demonstrated how to use Canvas before enrolling them into the Canvas course so that they know the basics
  • Also built out how-to guides to cater for all scenarios
  • Asked user to evaluate user experience and build on top of the course based on evaluation


Department of Education - TAS
  • Co-construct courses and PD course with the different business units that are delivering
  • The first step is to have a conversation about what the end product is going to be and how they are going to use these canvas course
    • Self-paced, face to face/blended model, capturing the experience?
  • Having a strategic conversation at the start about the duration of the course, how they are going to train up the team so that they are not relying on the design team


4. Next Steps

  • We will be having a monthly meeting going forward -  Tori and Ryo to organise next meet-up
  • Prior to the next meet up, we will be sending out a survey to vote on topics for the session 
  • All participants are happy for emails to be shared for collaboration purposes



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