• APAC Areas of Expertise - Find Someone to Chat To

    Howdy all! At CanvasCon 2017 in Sydney, I raised the idea on our community panel discussion that a document to help find someone to speak to could be really useful. I am going to keep this pretty fluid, I have adde...
    Stuart Ryan
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  • Large course management: Sections/Groups

    As we move into our final stages of implementing Canvas in a large University, every day we are faced with more and more challenges when it comes to managing large courses, specifically around Sections and Groups....
    Jayde Colquhoun
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  • Delete My Account button

    Anyone have a problem with Cnavas sudenly allowing all users to delete their account?   luckly it goes to a PDF on the Canvas by Instructure web site.     We have been asking Instructur...
    Mark Wittervan
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  • APAC Areas of Priority

    This document is a new idea to help us ascertain what the things are that are specific to the APAC region. These could be feature ideas, bugs, usability, things that we (as a group) wish to band together on. The idea ...
    Stuart Ryan
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  • Modules in Canvas

    Hi Everyone. It was good catching up with many of our K12 schools at the AIS ICT Conference in Canberra and being a fly on the wall at the user group. Many of you commented on modules in Canvas and how you'd like to s...
    Paul Millar
    created by Paul Millar
  • APAC Region Past CanvasLIVE Event Recordings

    Below is a curated copy of all APAC CanvasLIVE session recordings that are available as far back as January 2018. If you are new to Canvas, this list is great to go through and as we go through the sessions, they will...
    Stuart Ryan
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  • Online proctoring and exams & Canvas LTIs

    Hi everyone At UC we have implemented Canvas for all teaching in 2018. We are now reviewing what to do for online exams and online proctoring. Is anyone using any of the services using LTI with Canvas that are on the...
    Jen Millea
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  • Ungraded Options for SCORM Packages

    This particular piece was written as part of a response to a question asked at the Monthly APAC Group Catch-Up.    The Question What other options are there for providing SCORM to our end users that isn...
    Amelia Hayson
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  • Group functionality

    Description Groups and group work are an important part of pedagogy design. The ability to create groups and designate learning materials or assessments to a set of groups or an individual group is a key requirement f...
    Mark Van de Velde
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  • Sharing of Security and Risk assessments in APAC

    LTIs - Reviewing, preparing and implementing Share your experiences and findings by adding your findings as a new row to this table.   LTI Reviewer - Contact Institution Type Security and Risk Assessment Categor...
    Kym Schutz
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  • APAC Priority Item Detail - LTI administration and security

    Description Canvas has given teachers considerable control for managing their own LTI/External Apps. Although the LTI standard does limit the data available to these external applications, most institutions would sti...
    Stuart Ryan
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  • How are you managing timetabling data into Canvas?

    Currently, we are integrating student data into Canvas via our Student Administration System (SAMS) which takes all student enrolments within a course offering, and creates a Canvas section and enrols the student...
    Jayde Colquhoun
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  • Follow Up: How often would you like the APAC meetups to run?

    Hi Everyone, In the most recent APAC catch-up we ran a poll, while it appeared that continuing with the 3 weekly schedule was the winner with 9 votes, I realise that not everyone was there.   ...
    Stuart Ryan
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  • Are any other APAC Universities successfully using Crosslisting?

    We are currently reviewing some requests across the university for crosslisting.    On the surface to most, cross-listing seems like the perfect solution for convenience of teaching through only one course ...
    Jayde Colquhoun
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  • Changes to Help Menu

    Hi all   Wondering if you experienced over-writing of the customisable help menu as a result to the changes in support implemented by Instructure?   We were dismayed to find that our carefully customised H...
    Jen Millea
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  • Fri 3/11 - APAC Canvas Community Zoom Meet-up

    11/2/17 10:30 PM
    Based on the feedback from the Doodle Poll, the Zoom sessions have been scheduled every 3 weeks to coincide with the Canvas 3 weekly release cycle, alternating between Tuesdays and Fridays.   Please post in the ...
    Geraint Draheim
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    Fri 3/11 - APAC Canvas Community Zoom Meet-up
  • Pendo?

    Hi there, Jayde Colquhoun I was browsing around RMIT's example Canvas course: https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/1202385 (BTW, great share ) and noticed Pendo on the site https://www.pendo.io/p...
    Carmen Vallis
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  • Tags, tags and more TAGS! What would help you?

    On the back of our panel discussion at CanvasCon, and a few discussions recently, the topic of the Tags used in the APAC group is a hot topic.   From the areas I have seen so far, there are a few areas wher...
    Stuart Ryan
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  • Canvas Data for Files

    We're trying to get a handle on the number of files (doc, ppt, pdf, gif/jpg etc) per course that are coming across in the transition from our previous LMS into Canvas.   When we look at all 'files' in a cou...
    Marcus de Rijk
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  • SCORM issues

    Does anyone have experience with SCORM in Canvas? We are having issues getting our Captivate packages to work and would be keen to talk to anyone who has experience here.scorm
    Ariane Wicks
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