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Beth Crook
If a teacher films students giving presentations, demonstrations, projects, etc and wants to upload them to Arc and individually turn them back to each student for them to have in their Arc portfolio, what is the best way to do this? 
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Beth Crook
Is it possible for a teacher to record with Arc using the iOS Teacher app (or Android)?  We have Math teachers using iPads and would like to record their 3-5 min math videos for homework assignments.  Right now we cannot seem to find any way to do this with the iPad.  
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John Buell
We have Arc and Canvas; we have discovered that anyone sharing a video in a student Group discussion/page/etc. causes the video to be visible to all users in our account via an institution-wide account. We have submitted the issue but I wanted to see if other Arc/Canvas users are experiencing this as well, and if so whether we could band together… (Show more)
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In Arc, how do you screen capture a single screen in PP if you have two screens?
Kona Jones
How far away are we from grade passback in Arc quizzes?  Until this happens I really cannot sell this to staff and am happy to trial it. 
Stefanie Sanders
While working in Arc, I noticed that the ads were not removed on the videos that I uploaded from YouTube. Arc has always removed the ads in the past. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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