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Beth Crook
Hi everyone!  Looking for some quick help, if anyone has any advice to offer.  A user was to submit a 75 minute video as an assignment and then type all of their comments into the video for reflection, feedback, questions, etc for the instructor to read.  The comments are quite extensive.  However, when he submitted, it just submitted the video… (Show more)
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Fabio Sousa
I am searching in arc api docs a way to associate an already existing collection to any user but i can't find any endpoint to do it, really don't exist a way to do it through API? The only way that i realized is manually enter an ARC course with the user and the collection will be automatically associate, but i can't do this because i don't know… (Show more)
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Janetta Garton
To provide our teachers with some recommendations on how set up activities and assignments that use Arc I created this interactive flowchart/slideshow. I thought other Canvas users might find it helpful. You can generate your own editable copy of the slideshow. I'd appreciate any feedback.     
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Kona Jones
Looking for a comparison of EdPuzzle and Canvas Arc video tools. Can anyone provide the good, bad and ugly for both? This would include the quiz feature of Arc which I believe is still in Beta?   Thank you!!
George Halsell
I require my students to view certain videos that I've uploaded to ARC, but I don't wish to embed quiz questions in them. I've run into several problems with these assignments. First, it appears that the only way I can see who watched the videos and for how long is to go to ARC, click on the video, choose the course, then choose Insights. Once… (Show more)
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Stefanie Sanders
Hi!  So I just started using Arc, and I'm quite frustrated with how it works, particularly with regard to sharing to my students.  I don't want to create a public link because I want to be able to see whether or not students do watch the video, which Arc says cannot be done if I share a public link.   What I did was I copied the URL, then shared… (Show more)
When my students access the Arc Media Library, they say there are no videos in the library (all lectures have been uploaded and appear for us). Is there anything we have to do for them to be able to access them from the Arc Media Library? They say there are no courses in the drop down menu at the top of the page, and they are able to view them… (Show more)
James Fieser
The Arc video editor locks up after 10 or 20 "cut" edits. After, say, 20 cut tool edits, I go to hit the "done" button within the video editor, and it locks up. The only thing I can do then is to (a) shut down the screen recorder app in Windows Task Master, (b) shut down my web browser in Task Master (the record button there also locks up), (c)… (Show more)
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