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Alexander Mitchell
Hello, everyone!   I'm very interested in specifics about how Studio behaves on Mobile devices, specifically for a student to post their own Studio video to a Discussion. I have read the Guides for both, but I'm still unsure if this task is possible to accomplish via: iOS Mobile Browsers Android Mobile Browsers iOS Canvas Student App Android… (Show more)
in Canvas Studio Users Group
Hello -  I have a few questions about the features for the User/ Shared Collections in development.  My general understanding is that it will be possible to share a folder containing uploaded content with a set of people using their email (i.e. Canvas account) and thereby give those persons the ability to post that content to courses using the RCE… (Show more)
in Canvas Studio Users Group
I am having a difficult time trying to allow ARC to access my camera and microphone. I am on a mac if that makes a difference. I have cleared cache and browsing history, updated flash, but I still get the message "allow ARC to access your camera" when I try to record.
I'm building a page with videos in my Studio, but rather than embedding each video I'd like to use a standard HTML link. Is there any way to do this and still have access to student video analytics? I can't seem to find a way to link to a video within the page creator tools, and when I get a shareable link directly from a video in Studio I get a… (Show more)
I went to Canvas Studio and clicked on Record, and then went to screen capture. It made me download Screen Recorder Launcher and this is where I did my recording. Now I want to upload it to Canvas Studio and it says "Failure to encode. Is this a restricted computer?"  Wondering why it says this?
Rees Wilson
Hi all,    I'm wondering if Studio either supports, or is planned to support open-ended responses in their quizzes (like the Canvas Quizzes essay question option). I have been using EdPuzzle, which offers these types of responses, and would love to move over, but the current options are just a bit too restricting.    Thanks!
in Canvas Studio Users Group
Stefanie Sanders
Hi Everyone, I am looking to learn more about Canvas Studio. I would like to start by adding narration to PowerPoint lectures or Word/PDF documents. I hope to learn as much as I can about what Canvas Studio has to offer and utilize what's there.  I have played around but I need guidance about what to do.     Is there a beginner level training… (Show more)
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