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I went to Canvas Studio and clicked on Record, and then went to screen capture. It made me download Screen Recorder Launcher and this is where I did my recording. Now I want to upload it to Canvas Studio and it says "Failure to encode. Is this a restricted computer?"  Wondering why it says this?
Rees Wilson
Hi all,    I'm wondering if Studio either supports, or is planned to support open-ended responses in their quizzes (like the Canvas Quizzes essay question option). I have been using EdPuzzle, which offers these types of responses, and would love to move over, but the current options are just a bit too restricting.    Thanks!
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Stefanie Sanders
Hi Everyone, I am looking to learn more about Canvas Studio. I would like to start by adding narration to PowerPoint lectures or Word/PDF documents. I hope to learn as much as I can about what Canvas Studio has to offer and utilize what's there.  I have played around but I need guidance about what to do.     Is there a beginner level training… (Show more)
John Willingham
I am testing a group discussion assignment that asks students to post replies that include Studio videos. It appears that the comments feature does not display in any group item even if it is selected when embedding the video content.   Do we know if this is on the list of things that Canvas is looking at adding to Studio?   Thank you,   John… (Show more)
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Stefanie Sanders
We discovered this week that Mac Catalina is conflicting somehow with Studio.  The only option for recording is Screen Capture.  Neither the Webcam nor the "Picture-in-Picture" options are working. Does anyone have a solution or workaround?  Thanks in advance!
Gannon Nordberg
When doing a Screen Capture in Canvas Studio, the option to record from a webcam in addition to recording the screen isn't working. I've tried it on 2 different Macs running macOS Catalina (10.15) in Google Chrome and Safari with the same symptoms.   I know Catalina changes a lot of behavior surrounding how applications have access to things like… (Show more)
in Canvas Studio Users Group
Kristen Allen
One of our faculty recently tried using Studio and adding Mandarin captions for a video for her Chinese course. When she tried to add the Mandarin captions, she received an error message. Has anyone else had errors with this and successfully troubleshooted? Mandarin is a new feature according to the most recent Studio release notes so we're… (Show more)
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