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The screen recorder available through ARC is suddenly not working, although I've used it before. It asks me to download the program, which I have from before. Even after deleting and downloading again, it's not working. The symbol appears on the taskbar, but when clicking on it it seems to move up in the left side corner. No record button… (Show more)
Stefanie Sanders
Our institution currently uses TechSmith Relay integrated with Canvas for videos.  TechSmith is a very good product.  However, we are very interested in Canvas Studio (formerly Arc).  We have reviewed Studio and have gained some valuable feedback from our faculty in comparing the two products.  For us, pricing and the ease of integration would be… (Show more)
Lindsey Van Gieson
Weird question incoming. Is there anyone knowledgable about the engine behind the Arc (Studio) captioning tool? While I'm fairly impressed already with Arc's captioning ability, I'm curious if it has the ability over time to get better at captioning. Does it learn from the videos we upload or the changes we make to the captions? Is it saving any… (Show more)
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Eric Werth
Hello everyone, I found below doc for creating OAuth for Arcmedia. I tried first API in this doc to create a OAuth Application, But I dont know what kind of params that they mean. I am getting doubt that , Really , Is there any API for creating OAuth (here am using ARCmedia… (Show more)
Beth Crook
If a teacher films students giving presentations, demonstrations, projects, etc and wants to upload them to Arc and individually turn them back to each student for them to have in their Arc portfolio, what is the best way to do this? 
in Canvas Studio Users Group
Andrew Taylor
I may be going crazy, but have others noticed that the caption editing on an embedded Arc video has changed? For most of the time we've been using Arc (about a year now), you could embed an Arc video into a page/assignment/quiz/discussion and edit the captions there. This would give you a small scrolling box for the captions while the rest of the… (Show more)
in Canvas Studio Users Group
Heather Rozar-Bergmann
I uploaded a YouTube video into Arc and I am not able to add closed captioning.  Will it be possible to add CC to YouTube videos uploaded into Arc?
in Canvas Studio Users Group
Jennifer Redd
During a training session on Arc, the question was posed why you cannot allow comments on an Arc video that has a quiz. Can you provide a rationale behind this that I can share with others on my campus?
in Canvas Studio Users Group
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