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Troy Carroll
Someone came to me reporting that they could not copy the public link from their Studio videos. They said they are using Firefox. I was able to replicate the issue.  When creating a public shareable link in Studio using the Firefox browser, you cannot highlight, select, double-click, triple-click or anything else that I am aware of to be able to… (Show more)
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Fábio Sousa
I am looking for a way to disable the email notifications that we receive when we create automatic captions.   Every videos I upload to my studio account has an automatic process for generate the captions, but always that a captions are generated, I get the email "Automatic captions are ready to be reviewed!". I would like to disable these… (Show more)
in Canvas Studio Users Group
Am I missing a setting that lets students rewatch Canvas Studio videos without taking the quiz again? If they've already passed the quiz, but want to reference the AWESOME video teaching content, seems they should be able to.   Or is my only option to post the content and create a separate NON-Studio quiz?
Hi - Quick question re: Studio (ARC).  The process of embedding Studio media using the Rich Content Editor is quick and easy, but what I can't seem to figure out is a way of just adding the media url link rather than it being embedded in the RCE.  Anyone have any tips/tricks?   TY
Nicole Nelson
Is there a way to easily edit (cut, trim, etc) a video in Studio that has either already been processed and saved in "My Uploads" or that has been uploaded from my desktop?
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Beth Crook
Is it possible for a teacher to record with Arc using the iOS Teacher app (or Android)?  We have Math teachers using iPads and would like to record their 3-5 min math videos for homework assignments.  Right now we cannot seem to find any way to do this with the iPad.  
in Canvas Studio Users Group
Abstract  Canvas Studio is a new tool that helps to make teaching with video more intuitive and learning more interactive. Studio helps professors make videos that are not only intuitive and interactive, but also collaborative.   Below is the registration link. Make sure to… (Show more)
The captions for videos in ARC are awful!  Does anyone know how I can edit the timings and not just the word content?  They are missing entire sentences of spoken word. Very frustrating!
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