• Studio Video Submission Ideas

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    Jackie Myers
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  • Open-Ended Studio Questions

    Hi all,    I'm wondering if Studio either supports, or is planned to support open-ended responses in their quizzes (like the Canvas Quizzes essay question option). I have been using EdPuzzle, which off...
    Rees Wilson
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  • How is the "Course Media" populated?

    I noticed that every user can see a certain set of course media upon clicking the Studio icon and opening the menu on the top left side. It's a mystery how this is populated, because it doesn't seem to be related with...
  • Screen Capture Editing Tools for Studio

    We just started using Arc (now Stuido) this last week (yes, total newbie!!) and as we went to build our Internal training guides realized that there wasn't a lot of documentation offered on how to use the Screen Captu...
    Kona Jones
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  • Studio - Searching & In Video Quiz Creation

    We know that to add a quiz to a Studio video one must go to My Uploads to access the Create Quiz link.     It seems that when we use the Studio search field to locate a video, the videos depicted in the s...
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  • Missing languages in Canvas Studio

    From the release notes, Canvas Studio supports the following languages:   Arabic Armenian Czech Danish Dutch English (Australia) English (United Kingdom) English (United States) Estonian French (Canada)...
    Kelvin Dean
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  • Canvas Studio Captions

    Can a screen reader read captions on a Canvas Studio video?
    Eric Whitmer
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  • Studio Screen Capture Bug in macOS Catalina 10.15

    When doing a Screen Capture in Canvas Studio, the option to record from a webcam in addition to recording the screen isn't working. I've tried it on 2 different Macs running macOS Catalina (10.15) in Google Chrome and...
    Gannon Nordberg
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  • All subaccount admins become Studio admins (automatically)??

    Has anyone noticed that subaccount admins are also Studio Admins?  This became apparent as a student contacted our support team as he could not create and post content to Studio.  It would seem that one of o...
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  • Mobile Posting with Studio

    Hello, everyone!   I'm very interested in specifics about how Studio behaves on Mobile devices, specifically for a student to post their own Studio video to a Discussion. I have read the Guides for bot...
    Alexander Mitchell
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  • User/Shared Collections - features?

    Hello -  I have a few questions about the features for the User/ Shared Collections in development.  My general understanding is that it will be possible to share a folder containing uploaded content wi...
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  • Screen capture upload failing on Mac with Catalina

    I noticed today that when you try and upload a video using the screen recorder I am now generating the issue of the upload failing. The error states that my network must be blocking the upload, but there are no restri...
    Jesse Buchholz
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  • Does anyone use third-party caption providers with Arc?

    We use a third-party captioning service that integrates very nicely with our lecture capture software. Basically, the workflow is: Faculty create and upload their content. They either contact us to request captions ...
    Kristen Allen
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  • How to disable captions notifications

    I am looking for a way to disable the email notifications that we receive when we create automatic captions.   Every videos I upload to my studio account has an automatic process for generate the captions, but a...
    Fábio Sousa
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  • Is Studio now standard in Canvas?

    Is Studio now standard with Canvas or is Studio/Arc an add on for an additional cost? If there is an associated cost is it per user?
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  • Name change from Arc to Studio

    Any word on when the icon will change to Studio in Canvas and what the actual icon will look like?  My users are already confused that the Guides say Studio instead of Arc.  I want to send a campus-wide mess...
    Amy Ward
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  • Best way to return video to student for Arc portfolio?

    If a teacher films students giving presentations, demonstrations, projects, etc and wants to upload them to Arc and individually turn them back to each student for them to have in their Arc portfolio, what is the best...
    Beth Crook
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  • Scrolling Captions

    I may be going crazy, but have others noticed that the caption editing on an embedded Arc video has changed? For most of the time we've been using Arc (about a year now), you could embed an Arc video into a page/assig...
    Andrew Taylor
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  • Questions to Guide How to Add Arc Media to Your Canvas Course

    To provide our teachers with some recommendations on how set up activities and assignments that use Arc I created this interactive flowchart/slideshow. I thought other Canvas users might find it helpful. You can gener...
    Janetta Garton
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  • Problems With ARC Viewing Data

    I require my students to view certain videos that I've uploaded to ARC, but I don't wish to embed quiz questions in them. I've run into several problems with these assignments. First, it appears that the only way I ca...
    George Halsell
    created by George Halsell