• Screen Capture Editing Tools for Studio

    We just started using Arc (now Stuido) this last week (yes, total newbie!!) and as we went to build our Internal training guides realized that there wasn't a lot of documentation offered on how to use the Screen Captu...
    Kona Jones
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  • Questions to Guide How to Add Arc Media to Your Canvas Course

    To provide our teachers with some recommendations on how set up activities and assignments that use Arc I created this interactive flowchart/slideshow. I thought other Canvas users might find it helpful. You can gener...
    Janetta Garton
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  • YouTube Captions to Arc (updated 26 Oct. 2018)

    Earlier this year I proposed the idea Arc Recognize Captioned YouTube Videos, but it has not happened yet. So I did some poking and searching and found a solution.   In the embedded video I demonstrate the ...
    Gregory Beyrer
    created by Gregory Beyrer
  • TCM Presents: Mad about Musicals!....and Arc

    Written by Richard L. Edwards, Executive Director for Strategic Learning, Ball State University   Last year, at InstructureCon, Hilary Melander, Sr. Manager over Canvas Network, walked me over to a tent, jus...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Making YouTube Captions Appear in the Arc Media Player

    Thank you everyone who read this blog entry. I discovered a way to import YouTube captions into Arc and wrote another entry about it: YouTube Captions to Arc (updated 26 Oct. 2018). It is awesome that YouTube videos...
    Gregory Beyrer
    created by Gregory Beyrer
  • Making Arc Work with 3C Media Solutions

    California's community colleges are fortunate to have supporting programs like 3C Media Solutions, which among other things hosts and streams videos for our faculty. The service has a connection the Distance Education...
    Gregory Beyrer
    created by Gregory Beyrer
  • CanvasLIVE (2017-11-6): Videos in the Classroom

    Video in the classroom is no longer a novelty. The days of rolling the A/V unit into your classroom hardly generates the enthusiasm it used to (lol, I probably just dated myself). Students expect to see video in ...
    created by awilliams