• Arc Media Library videos not visible to students

    When my students access the Arc Media Library, they say there are no videos in the library (all lectures have been uploaded and appear for us). Is there anything we have to do for them to be able to access them from t...
  • Page not found?

    Anyone getting this message when trying to access their ARC media?
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  • Arc encryption standard?

    What is the encryption standard for Arc when used in conjunction with Canvas?  Is it HIPAA-Hitech compliant?
    Kona Jones
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  • ARC "page not found"

    Who else is seeing this issue when some instructors click the Arc global navigation option?  It's one of the worst things possible for them to see the first week of classes...
    Kona Jones
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  • How do you get to video editing w/o first recording?

    Sometimes users just want to edit the video they recorded earlier, not start a new recording.  A link or button showing in both the Canvas integration and Arc site (".instructuremedia.com/collections/user") dashb...
    Clint Jacobsen
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  • Can you add comments to an Arc video for students to view without enabling student comments?

    Is it possible for a teacher to leave comments on an Arc video to share with students but not allow student commenting? When I have uploaded a video and added comments the only way students could see my comments was i...
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • Allow comments for Arc video in Canvas group

    Hi,   Our students use Arc to share the video's they made. They do this in groups in Canvas in a discussion.   When they click the blue Arc video button in the WYSIWYG editor, they can allow comments, but ...
    Tobe Baeyens
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  • Arc Media List through API

    Hi,     In the ARC media library API documentation , there is no API to fetch the list of media in a collection. What is the way to get all media items in a collection through API?   Re...
    Shriram Manoharan
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  • How to find how many Canvas courses/users are using Arc?

    While Admin can view the amount of user accounts that exist from the admin dashboard, there currently aren't any indicators or metrics that display how many of those accounts are active Arc users. It wo...
    Izabella Bagdasarova
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  • Migrating videos into Arc

    Hi all. Looking for your experiences migrating videos into Arc. We're moving 11,000+ videos from Kaltura to Arc at the same time we're switching from Blackboard to Canvas. Looking for any input, best practices, sugges...
    Robin Herriff
    created by Robin Herriff
  • Arc Storage Report

    Is there a way to pull a report to see how much Arc storage we're using as an institution? I know about the course storage report, but it doesn't seem to pull Arc data (or maybe it does and I'm just reading it incorre...
    Andrew Taylor
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  • Export ARC comments to a text-document

    Is there a way to collect all comments in a ARC-video and export them to a text-document?
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • Sharing issue in ARC

    I have an Instructor (Instructor A) who recorded a training using ARC and would like to share the video with another Instructor (Instructor B). When we - I was helping Instructor A - went to share, Instructor B would ...
  • Export comments to text-document

    Is there a way to export all comments in ARC videos to a text-document?
    Kåre Spanne
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  • How do I upload a video from ARC to my assignment page

    I have uploaded a video to ARC but, I am unable to put on my assignment page.  How do I complete that task?
  • api to upload video on  arc  ?

    is there any api to upload video on arc , the current api in doc is only for to upload video from url ! kindly share asap if is there any  
  • Partial Coment Access within Arc Video

    I am using ARC to  add a video within a quiz.  I want a comment to appear when watching the video but don't want the comment dialogue to appear below the quiz. One of the quiz questions is based on the comme...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Is there an Arc API for analytics/insights/usage data?

      I would like to know whether there's an API available to get analytics/insight/usage data for Arc media.   Some of the data I'm looking for includes  i.e. number of courses have got ARC enabled numb...
    Poh Duong
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  • Arc and FERPA concerns

    Does anyone have a one-page user guide discussing Arc and how its use within a Canvas course site abides by FERPA guidelines?
    Rosie Sasso
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  • What is the limit Arc can record for and then upload to Canvas?

    We are hoping to use Arc to record private lessons that can last up to 90 minutes, we are seeing the video timeout and not save.