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Kona Jones
I'm designing a website with Canvas and it needs to be able to use data integration.    Are there any tools that would help me with this? The only one I have been recommended so far is Curl. I really like the look of it, but I want to consider my options before moving forward with confidence.
Kona Jones
New canvas user here with limited experience working with star schema data.  I am having trouble figuring out which fact and dimension files I need to build a simple table.  The table I want would look like this:   Assignment Table Description: Each row is the score a given student got on a given assignment in a given course,section,term.… (Show more)
Canvas Data API sometimes gives 403 Timeout and 400 Not found when I access URLs to download files.  u rl header:   Does the s3 Url refreshes at some time?
Stefanie Sanders
Hi    Our IT team are looking to improve the efficiency of how data from Canvas is imported into our data warehouse. The problem table is, unsurprisingly, requests and it is likely that a number of fileds will have to be removed in order to facilitate smoother downloads of data   The question I have is this - as requests is a 'roll up' of the… (Show more)
Nicky Rucker
Hi!  We have access to Canvas Data in Redshift and we are looking to pull it down into in our local data warehouse.  Has anyone effectively done this?  We want to replicate all of the tables nightly but aren't sure where is the best place to start and how to handle the incremental changes (since some of the table are missing modified dates).   We… (Show more)
in Data and Analytics
Benson Chen
I am working on merging the data from the download files into my tables, but was not able to find where the quiz access code is stored. I looked though all the quiz related dim and fact, but was not able to find it. Can someone point it out.   Thank you.
in Data and Analytics
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