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I would like to retrieve data from Canvas at an individual assignment level to create custom reports analyzing quiz/test questions controlling for class rank, major, final class grade...etc.   1. Is there a Java API for Canvas that may enable me to retrieve data via JDBC, at an individual assignment or quiz level?...or a Web Service (SOAP or… (Show more)
Glen Parker
Hi All,   Has anyone dug in to Assignments to determine if a particular assignment was configured to use either Legacy Turnitin or the newer LTI/external_tool based Turnitin?   I've got some assignments I'm looking at that I know are TII enabled, but I'm not seeing anything in assignments_dim that seems to say it was a TII enabled or not.    … (Show more)
in Data and Analytics
Hi everyone,    I am trying to export the information from canvas to an external database, I was searching out and I found canvas cli which is a good option to do it, however I not able to run it properly I dunno if this tool was discontinued due a new version in the Canvas Apis or something,  could please tell me if that's the case ? or if there… (Show more)
Luke Dellar
Click to view contentHello all   I'm trying to setup a relationship between the learning_outcome_rubric_criterion and the learning_outcome_result facts and dims in Canvas Data and i wondered if anybody else knows how to reliably?   The result has an amount of points in the fact table from the rubric criterion but if that points amount is the same for both options… (Show more)
in Data and Analytics
Mike Sharkey
Hi folks...I'm new to this group and I wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Mike Sharkey and I'm an analytics consultant working with Arizona State University.  I lead a data team that's pretty hands-on with Canvas data elements.  Our ecosystem includes:
- Canvas Data tables loaded into AWS Redshift tables
- Canvas Live Events (Caliper) ingested into AWS S3 buckets and loaded into Redshift
- Building many different Tableau dashboards using data from Canvas Data & Live Events

The kind of work my team does includes:
- ETL'ing data into S3/Redshift (both Canvas data as well as other learning tools)
- Lots of SQL on the Canvas and Caliper tables (and joining to SIS data in our warehouse)
- Building Tableau dashboards for Operational users, LMS Admins, Researchers, Advisor/Coaches, and other internal customers

I'm happy to share anything/everything we're doing, and I'm sure I'll have some questions along the way.

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