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Stefanie Sanders
Hi,   I'm using the canvas-data-sdk package to download Canvas data via its API in Python.  I've been using the following commands:   ``` canvas-data -c config.yml list-dumps # lists the daily dumps canvas-data -c config.yml unpack-dump-files # download the latest dump files, unpack, and parse them into table files ```   My question is do… (Show more)
Stefanie Sanders
First, I am going to admit that I am not fluent in using Canvas data or Power BI that we are trying to set up at our university. I have more experience with Excel, so if I use the wrong terminology, please forgive me now. The situation that I find myself in is that as a data analyst for my university curriculum development team, I am trying to… (Show more)
Gary Sharpe
I recently got access to our Canvas Data Portal.  I went to do some quick ad hoc analysis in preparation for a project using Jupyter Notebook and noticed that there are no column headers on the files I downloaded via the user interface.  I'm aware that I can get the schema information from the Schema API, and will do this, if necessary; but is it… (Show more)
in Data and Analytics
I would like to retrieve data from Canvas at an individual assignment level to create custom reports analyzing quiz/test questions controlling for class rank, major, final class grade...etc.   1. Is there a Java API for Canvas that may enable me to retrieve data via JDBC, at an individual assignment or quiz level?...or a Web Service (SOAP or… (Show more)
Glen Parker
Hi All,   Has anyone dug in to Assignments to determine if a particular assignment was configured to use either Legacy Turnitin or the newer LTI/external_tool based Turnitin?   I've got some assignments I'm looking at that I know are TII enabled, but I'm not seeing anything in assignments_dim that seems to say it was a TII enabled or not.    … (Show more)
in Data and Analytics
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