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Colin Murtaugh
Introduction Canvas Data provides a wealth of information that can be used in many interesting ways, but there are a few hurdles that can make it hard to even get started: The Canvas Data API uses a different authentication mechanism than the one that you're probably already used to using with the Canvas API. Data is provided in compressed… (Show more)
Glenn Saito
Hello, I'm learning the basics of Canvas Data and SQL and I'm trying to create a simple report that displays the term, course number, course name, assignment name, and score. I think I have the correct tables, but I'm not sure which columns (e.g., id, course_id, assignment_id) to join. The below query runs without syntax errors and I get a… (Show more)
in Data and Analytics
I was recently asked if instructor audio and video submission comments are represented within Canvas Data.  This started me thinking about the future and what ideas I would enter on a top five or perhaps top ten wish list.  Not having ten items to wish for I am starting a discussion to see how many bright ideas we have for future improvements.  … (Show more)
in Data and Analytics
My supervisor, Eric Ludwig, has asked that I do a bit of research on using Outcomes at the Account (or Sub-Account) level and associated rubrics and then wanting to use Canvas Data to pull that information.  Our General Education department would like to start implementing assessment across courses (linked to Core Abilities) and then be able to… (Show more)
Christopher Phillips
Once you have Google Tag Manager setup and running on your Canvas account there are all kinds data that you can start gathering. Below are some code snippets or recipes you can use to get more data out of Google Analytics.  …
in Data and Analytics
David Daza
Does anyone know howto identify each answer submitted per student in a survey, using CanvasData? I feel a little lost in here, I'm able to identify the course, the survey, the pool of questions of the survey, but I'm not sure if I am able to identify submitted answers. Any comments are welcome. 
in Data and Analytics
Hi!! I need information and tips on how you perform the login count by 'user_id' and 'timestamp' using the Canvas Data requests files   Tks
in Data and Analytics
Robert Carroll
I was trying to chase down some information for this question, and found that (at least for us) because we use AD/LDAP that the only SAML2 logins were used for SSO to Jive. Which gave me a quick look at our users who have logged into and joined the Canvas Community.   Use Cases Identify faculty looking for more help or collaboration, identify… (Show more)
in Data and Analytics
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