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Luke Dellar
Hi All   We are currently trying to process the data requests table (From Canvas Data) into a database that we can use and as you can imagine are having a fair amount of trouble with the sheer amount of data we have (3 years worthish for us), we know we can obviously sync newer files so this should be easier in the future but obviously we need… (Show more)
in Data and Analytics
Stefanie Sanders
Hi all,   I have just gain access to the Canvas Data portal last week and have been exploring it. From what I can tell so far, it is a tab delimited file stored inside a gz file.    Excel can to a certain point understand the Tab delimitation but it is not the best tool, so I am wondering what everyone else is using to access the data in those… (Show more)
John Sheringer
Click to view contentOne-Liner Examples of visualizations created with Tableau Desktop against Canvas Data data accessed from an Amazon Redshift data source.   …
in Data and Analytics
Audra Agnelly
We're looking at some metrics of user activity, one of which is page views. The wiki_page_fact table has a measure called 'view_count'. I assume this is the number of times a page has been viewed but the numbers I'm pulling from Canvas Data are vastly different from Google Analytics data and the page views on a course's analytics page. For… (Show more)
in Data and Analytics
Jamie Studwell
Click to view contentHi - I'm just getting started trying to build out some dashboards with Canvas data for the first time. I've started digging into the schema documentation and I've got us set up with the Canvas Data CLI and am successfully able to attach to files from Tableau (no data warehouse yet). I wanted to start by making a modified version of the Catalog… (Show more)
in Data and Analytics
Stefanie Sanders
Not sure if this is the correct place to post this information but I want to share a tool that the company we use for institutional analytics, HelioCampus, just released. It is free to use and allows institutions to extract data from Canvas, including instructor and student course activity, and create a series of data visualizations to help inform… (Show more)
Stefanie Sanders
Hi Canvas Team,   Using canvas CLI I'm getting data from canvas and created reports using PowerBI. Everything works fine but if assign any assignment to specific students that assignments are not showing due dates. if I assign to all learners then due dates showing perfectly.  See the above image, Created report using a few tables highlighted… (Show more)
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