Announcement Posted?

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This basic Tableau workbook provides a report that details the status of announcements within courses. The report is published to Tableau Online and the quality team uses this as part of pre-term checks. This is primarily used to confirm at least one announcement has been posted to upcoming term courses prior to the term start. Instructors are required to post a welcome announcement that contains relevant information (late policies, etc.).


Included in the report is a count of the number of announcements posted and the number of delayed post announcements.  This can be the same number.  A filter is available to narrow the data shown to only those that have or do not have an announcement posted.   


Tableau Workbook



Computed columns:



# Announ

COUNTD(if [Type (Discussion Topic Dim)]= "Announcement" THEN [Id (Discussion Topic Dim)]

# Delayed Post

COUNT([Delayed Post At])


IF [# Announ] >=1 THEN "Has Announcement"
ELSEIF [# Announ] = 0 THEN "No Announcement"

Announ Link

"https:// xyz.instructure.com/courses/"+STR([Canvas Id (Course Dim)])+"/announcements"




Data source tables and (example) filters:


tableau relationships



Important notes:

  • Our Sis Source Id field from the course_section_dim is split into six parts in order to create fields for our Term, Course Prefix, Course Number, Section, Location code, etc.  You will likely need to rework this if you intend to use the attached Tableau workbook as a starting point. 
  • Upon opening the .twb file in Tableau, you will be prompted to provide a password to access the data source.  Because you don't have access to our data source, you'll need to click on the "Edit Connection" button.  Once the connection information is updated to access your Redshift data source you should be able to begin editing the workbook.  See attached files for information on connecting to other data sources.



We thank the Canvas Data team for their support and welcome all suggestions and derivative works.