Assignment Grade History

Blog Post created by fernerj@erau.edu Expert on Apr 5, 2018

This blog entry shares a basic Tableau report (and sql file) that provides the advising and administrative staff a window to understand student grade history for assignments in courses taken the current or previous terms.  An accompaniment to the Early Warning report, this grade history report enables detailed understanding of historical student performance and achievement over time.  Such a report may be useful when reviewing 'at risk' students.


This report uses the following tables from the Data Schema:

  • account_dim
  • assignment_dim
  • assignment_group_fact
  • assignment_group_dim
  • course_score_fact
  • enrollment_dim
  • submission_dim
  • submission_fact
  • user_dim
  • pseudonym_dim


To run the report, select the desired term(s) and enter the student ID #. This works best reviewing one student at a time.



Grade History



For the future we may include additional filters and/or colors.  For example, a filter can be created so that only assignments where there is an assignment grade below xx% displays.  In addition, color such as red can be added for failing grades, etc.



Important notes:

  • Our Sis Source Id field from the course_section_dim is split into six parts in order to create fields for our Term, Course Prefix, Course Number, Section, Location code, etc.  You will likely need to rework this if you intend to use the attached Tableau workbook as a starting point. 
  • Upon opening the .twb file in Tableau, you will be prompted to provide a password to access the data source.  Because you don't have access to our data source, you'll need to click on the "Edit Connection" button.  Once the connection information is updated to access your Redshift data source you should be able to begin editing the workbook.  See the attachments for information on connecting to other data sources.



We thank the Canvas Data team for their support and welcome all suggestions and derivative works.