• Tableau Workbook Examples

    One-Liner Examples of visualizations created with Tableau Desktop against Canvas Data data accessed from an Amazon Redshift data source.   One-Liner Overview Requirements for Use Examples Ov...
    John Sheringer
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  • Canvas Data API Authentication

    Synopsis Calls to the Canvas Data API need to be authenticated. The Canvas Data API documentation provides example code that isn't explained very well. This post will explain what's going on so that people can prepare...
    James Jones
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  • Google Tag Manager Recipes

    Once you have Google Tag Manager setup and running on your Canvas account there are all kinds data that you can start gathering. Below are some code snippets or recipes you can use to get more data out of Google Analy...
    Christopher Phillips
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  • Using Google Tag Manager to add Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a great way to gather data and understand how visitors to your Canvas instance are navigating their courses. If you are new to Google Analytics I would recommend reading How to Set Up Google A...
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  • Google Analytics and Canvas Resources

    There are a number of tremendous resources on using Google Analytics with Canvas. This page is an attempt to gather and organize those resources. If you know of one I have missed please let me know!    Canva...
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  • Google Analytics Custom Dimensions through Google Tag Manager

    Setting up Custom Dimensions Google Analytics Custom Dimensions Google Tag Manager Variables Course ID Variable Type of Activity Mapping Google Tag Manager Custom Dimensions Additional Resource...
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  • How to Set Up Google Analytics for Canvas

    Using Google Analytics means that your institution is subject to Google's terms of service. Please verify with your institution's legal team before installing Google Analytics in your Canvas instance to ensure that yo...
    created by awilliams
  • Obtaining and using Access Report data for an entire course

    May 27, 2020, update (version 15): Another week, another update. This time I installed a new linter to check for crud and subtle issues with the code. It turned up a lot of little things and at least one place where ...
  • How do I Open Canvas Data File in Microsoft Excel?

        Official Canvas Document   This guide will help admins open Canvas Data file in Microsoft Excel. [NOTE: These files are those downloaded from the Canvas Data package, not the paid Managed D...