• Undated Assignments Report

    Does anyone know the workflow that could produce a report from Canvas Data to see all the assignments in Canvas without a due date? We're running into an issue with the Teacher Activity report, so I'm hoping this migh...
    Alan Kinsey
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  • Identifying Files Available to Students in Canvas Data

    Hi all,   I’m trying to work out how many of the files available to students in a course have been accessed by each of them.  I know I can use the Access Report download but this won’t necessari...
    Daniel Barry
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  • Analytics & Canvas

    I was curious to know if anyone had suggestions on Canvas analytics plugins? Anything useful to data mine, present dashboards at differing levels and assist from an administrative point of view as well as improve lear...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Data Collection and Use via Canvas

    I am in my third year of teaching and the one thing that has been preached over and over again is about collecting and analyzing data.  I have found that the data that Canvas generates has been very useful in pro...
    Bryan Sechrist
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  • Canvas Data - Learning Analytics - Live Event

    Utah State University will be hosting a Canvas Live event on Learning Analytics and Canvas Data.  We are interested in sharing some things we are doing, and ideas for Learning Analytics and Canvas Data.  Wou...
    Kevin Reeve
    created by Kevin Reeve
  • Analytics improvement idea - seeking your support

    Hi all,   There's an idea open for voting at the moment which aims to deliver improved analytics for retrospective analysis of student activity - Improved analytics - set User Records to 'inactive', not 'de...
    Travis Cox
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  • Listing out all external links in a set of courses

    Is anyone interested in co-authoring a Tableau workbook that pulls all the external hyperlinks from course assignments, discussion prompts, and pages?  The end goal is to enable bulk checking and validation for h...
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  • Red Shift Demonstration Account

    We use Tableau but have not as yet set up a Red Shift Account. Does Canvas have a demo account such that we can view the many examples that are available?
    Gary Molloy
    created by Gary Molloy
  • What data can be pulled for at-risk students? - Asking for new startup

    Hi there,   My name’s Kim and I’m excited to be working on a new startup that seeks to help thousands and thousands of students stay in online learning programs and fulfill their dreams. The start up ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • any faculty members do data extraction on their own?

    In the general sense of "big data" without naming any tools (just because canvas data wont be available for self-host), I am curious if anyone has any use cases on how people managed to grab JSON output ? I guess the ...
    created by Keroleen
  • Is Google Analytics helpful for Canvas?

    I am interested in adding google analytics to help analyze the traffic on some courses, but I was wondering if it has turned out to be helpful/ worthwhile in understanding the behavior of students?  What are your...
    Canoe Xie
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  • Canvas Data for Consortia and Districts (community of practice)

    Hi everyone,   People are starting to want to aggregate Canvas Data across their districts or consortia (i.e. being able to roll all my Canvas Data instances into one data pool).   If you're a district ad...
  • Entity-Relationship Model for Canvas Data

    I'd like to get some feedback from the people here.   I sat in on the Canvas Data pre-conferences and the extra discussion we had on the data schema at InstructureCon 2016 Tuesday 7/19. Matt Smith (data enginee...
    Thomas Lamy
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  • Requests Table

    How is everyone dealing with the large size of the requests table?  I'm using MySQL and it's massive and still growing because I have a lot more to load.    What are some strategies for working with a...
    Joni Miller
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  • Our Canvas data journey

    In case it's useful for others, below is information on our locally hosted canvas data setup.   1. Setup a local linux server and installed Postgresql 9.5.x. 2. Used the provided Canvas data CLI to download and...
    Joni Miller
    created by Joni Miller
  • Data Sync Errors

    I successfully sync-ed my data yesterday.  I updated the code since it looks like there had been some recent updates.  When I ran the data-sync process after the update, I get errors and it doesn't finish....
    Joni Miller
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  • How are you cleaning up invalid data after loading (mysql)

    Howdy,   After much fun I've got a process to load/reload the data nightly.   Now that this is stable, it's time to make use of the data.   This involves queries, and queries are better with ...
    Glen Parker
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  • Course Level Analytics: Get Creative!

    I am interested in hearing from the Canvas Community about how faculty members are creatively using course analytics, i.e. any of the statistics/analytics that are readily available at the user level, not at an admin ...
    Jann M. Sutton
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  • FEBRUARY: How do discussions relate to student outcomes?

    Every month our Data Team will tackle an interesting data question. But they need real data sets in order to perform their analysis. All data will remain anonymous. No identifiers will be shared. Sample results will b...
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