• Use of Tableau Prep and ID fields

    I'd been using Tableau Prep to "prepare" my data from CanvasData. Recently, I noticed that Tableau Prep "cuts" the latest characters of every "id" field that have more than 18 characters. If I declare the "id" field l...
    David Daza
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  • Canvas Data CLI appears to hang during sync

    Does anyone else run into hangs when using the Canvas Data CLI tool, specifically the sync command?    I have a wrapper script that automates sync and unpack for us and the sync command seems to get into a ...
    Lee Fent
    created by Lee Fent
  • Does Google Analytics impacts Canvas performance?

    I'd been testing Google analytics to monitor my TEST environment, and we are thinking to go for PROD environment. Google Analytics implementation was easy following the documentation found in this forum, my concern in...
    David Daza
    created by David Daza
  • Database Management Systems for Canvas CLI Tool

    I'm fairly new to Canvas Data and SQL.  We set up the Canvas CLI tool and I'm able to access the flat file tables.  I'm using DB Browser for SQLite to import tables and run reports, but the reports don't ali...
    Glenn Saito
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  • How long is the description field in CanvasData?

    We are using CanvasData and we are uploading our files to the DWH. We'd struggled with fields like "description" with a lot of text, one of the suggestions that we got is to use the CLOB type in our Oracle DB, but we ...
    David Daza
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  • SQL query that displays the term, course number, course name, assignment name, and score

    Hello, I'm learning the basics of Canvas Data and SQL and I'm trying to create a simple report that displays the term, course number, course name, assignment name, and score. I think I have the correct tabl...
    Glenn Saito
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  • Assignment Statistics

    How do I find statistics for an assignment or quiz in the new gradebook? I'd like to see the class average on a test. 
  • Removing html tags from CanvasData files

    does anyone knows how to clean all html tags from CanvasData files?   We are having issues uploading CanvasData files to our DWH, fields like description, body, message are have a lot of characters, in several c...
    David Daza
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  • can all reports be downloaded in one file such as in a mdb file?

    can all reports be downloaded in one file such as in a mdb file?
  • how could I identified survey answers in CanvasData?

    Does anyone know howto identify each answer submitted per student in a survey, using CanvasData? I feel a little lost in here, I'm able to identify the course, the survey, the pool of questions of the survey, but I'm ...
    David Daza
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  • Login count - Requests

    Hi!! I need information and tips on how you perform the login count by 'user_id' and 'timestamp' using the Canvas Data requests files   Tks
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  • Is there a mock data set we can use for developing?

    Hello,   I was wondering if there is some mock data available for a fresh canvas installation. I am developing an app that will use the canvas environment of my school, but for testing we use a standalone canva...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Submission comments on specific items

    In speedgrader you can comment on particular items in a quiz, for instance. Are those retrievable in canvas data or through api?
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Item analysis results unreadable/unusable

    The item analysis results I get are unreadable/unusable. Some examples:   In all of these cases I created the questions and answers entirely in Canvas and they show up correctly when students take the qu...
  • How to retrieve all questions from a quiz

    Hi,   I have a problem when I'm retrieving data from a quiz.   current situation: - Question Bank has 10 question groups, and each has five questions. - The quiz has 10 question groups and each grou...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Submission Date/Time for External Content - Part II

    Part I of my question can be found here. As Robert Carroll suggested, I reached out to Canvas Data Help to find out why we had blank submission dates in our Canvas Data for every external tool except Webassign and SCO...
    Tess Bond
    created by Tess Bond
  • Submission Date/Time for External Content?

    Where would I locate the submission date and time for assignments that are set up as external content, such as assignments that are set up at a publisher site like Pearson or Hawkes? I know there is a gradebook column...
    Tess Bond
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  • Scores on an assignment across different sections and quarters

    I'm new to Canvas Data and just took my first SQL course on Lynda.com. I'm currently trying to determine which tables to join to create meaningful reports.   We have a course that's taught in different sections ...
    Glenn Saito
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  • New Learning Outcome Tables

    Has anyone made sense of the new learning outcome tables in Canvas Data?   Release Notes: Canvas Data    I am hoping for a demo or use case profile of how these can be used. 
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  • Users Pageview Interaction_seconds and canvas data

    Looking in the Users API documentation, under the section that describes a PageView object, there is a field titled "interaction_seconds" // An approximation of how long the user spent on the page, in seconds https:...
    Glen Parker
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