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Stuart Ryan
Hi I have a instructor account. In that in one course i have set some parameters and values in Custom Fields which is available in course -> settings -> apps -> view app configurations -> In that page i have chosen my item -> edit. Is there any courses or some other API is available to get those values?.   Thanks & Regards, Ravichandran
Trevor Fullwood
tl;dr tools that utilize cookies and integrate with Canvas will need to add SameSite=None and Secure attributes to their cookies to maintain current behavior.   Last year Chrome announced they'll be implementing a new cookie model in an upcoming version of Chrome (scheduled to release in February). Additionally Mozilla (Firefox) and Microsoft have…
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Kona Jones
Hi All, is there a way to get user_id(1.1) through custom claims of the developer key. I tried $vnd.instructure.User.uuid and $vnd.instructure.User.current_uuid but the id returned was different.    May I know if there is a way to get 1.1 user_id?
Stefanie Sanders
We have our Application / Tool that is installed at the Account or Sub-account or even course level. We altered the XML to allow us student role access (different permissions). We want to have the admin in Canvas REFRESH the call to us returning xml config. We do not want to install and reinstall our Tool so that the app is still displayed at the… (Show more)
Derome Smith
This is the message I am getting. "Your LTI tool has been misconfigured, please contact your institution's Canvas Admin." My school division is not on Canvas. Am I getting this message because of that? Or, am I setting up things improperly?
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Kona Jones
Hi All, I recently started working on LTI 1.3 with Canvas, created a student, assigned a course, paired with an observer. Once logged in as the observer, looked into id_token claims and wondering what value does this claim "" is returning. I tried looking it up with paired student UUID but… (Show more)
Charles Calvert
I want to edit an assignment. I'm working in Node Express and using the Request NPM package to send HTTP requests. I have an API key and I can successfully make a number of calls that request information about modules and assignments. But when it comes to updating an assignment I'm not having much luck. I don't get an error, but I get a long HTML… (Show more)
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