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Erin Hallmark
Hi, Canvas developers! Our UI team is working on way to improve InstUI, Instructure's UI library, from an open source standpoint. If you are using InstUI in your projects, our UI team would like to hear from you!   Please reply and share your experience. Some things we'd like to know: Why you are using InstUI How you are using InstUI in your… (Show more)
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Kona Jones
I'm working on migrating from an old Moodle system to a shiny new (self-hosted) Canvas installation. I have a lot of things working, including importing courses, users, and enrollments from our SIS. One thing that is not working is the sending of any email notifications to these new users. I want to be clear here: I'm not only talking about the… (Show more)
Andrea G Schmidt
I'm trying to figure out a way to get at the questions in a question bank, (original quizzes), and haven't found anything in the API or in Canvas Data.   Canvas Data does provide the question group IDS in a quiz, and with that ID, I can get the question bank ID returned.   Has… (Show more)
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Robert Carroll
Click to view contentHello,   A recent Canvas update left a lot of institutions without the ability to add additional resources to their Canvas Global Navigation. Previous discussions include: Custom JavaScript/CSS Changes Adding custom menu items Custom Menu Items for New UI    I have been working to replace this custom javascript solution by Trevor Fullwood, which… (Show more)
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Chad Scott
Click to view contentI created a new userscript for removing students from courses in bulk. This will be particularly useful when managing clubs/activity and remediation manually created courses that aren’t set to conclude. For instance, I can see us using this heavily to manage NHS/NJHS, Class of "2018" courses, LOTE clubs, and anything else that has rolling members.…
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Stefanie Sanders
Hello to all, i have a little problem whit my canvas local installation, i can't make a user sign up work whitout invitation from the admin user panel. It's a way to make the user registrer whitout invitation, only from the login page?   Thanks in advance.
Kona Jones
Hi all,   Does anyone have experience with trying to send attendance data from Canvas (perhaps using the Roll Call tool or some other solution, e.g. using API calls to create a report of submissions) with a Student Information System? I am using PowerSchool, but really if anyone has had experience with custom apps or any other ways to address… (Show more)
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