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Brad Daley
Click to view contentHi folks,   I'm trying to use the API to change an assignment settings from using Turnitin as an external tool, to using Canvas file upload and plagiarism review. We have the Turnitin Plagiarism Framework set up at an account level in our Canvas instances. I'm running api requests through a NodeJS library, using a pre-generated Canvas token… (Show more)
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Robert Carroll
Click to view contentDeveloper Tools for the Canvas User > Tutorial #2   Before getting started with APIs, read through paragraphs 1-5 of the linked thread by Stuart Ryan Canvas APIs: Getting started, the practical ins and outs, gotchas, tips, and tricks Stuart confirmed there is a working beta environment on the Canvas Free For Teachers accounts… (Show more)
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Matthew Moore
Is there a javascript that I can use that will return a user's full name.  I have been fairly successful using Javascripts on .html pages, but I need to return the user's name for a certificate after certain modular requirements are met. 
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Cassidy Vela
I recently created a process to pull final grades from Canvas to then import into our antiquated SIS. I'm using the enrollment object to access the grades for each student. However, some instructors have used the new override grades feature. In the API documentation under Enrollments, it shows override_grade as a piece of data in the enrollment… (Show more)
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Erin Hallmark
Hi, Canvas developers! Our UI team is working on way to improve InstUI, Instructure's UI library, from an open source standpoint. If you are using InstUI in your projects, our UI team would like to hear from you!   Please reply and share your experience. Some things we'd like to know: Why you are using InstUI How you are using InstUI in your… (Show more)
in Canvas Developers
Peter Means
I'd like to get a list of all sections (not courses) for a specific term. Is this possible? If not, is it possible to do this without using the API?
in Canvas Developers
David Tod
Google Course Kit has been renamed to Google Assignments, and I wanted to rename it, and update the url (not strictly necessary) without deleting and replacing the tool. Initial setup instructions are here.   Copying and pasting the following code in my browser Dev Tools console while on a Canvas page did what I needed to do. Of course, the url… (Show more)
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Kelley L. Meeusen
Hello,   I'm trying to use the Canvas API to give all of my students a grade for their quizzes. I was able to update the grades, but I want to give a value to those that didn't take the quiz. With the update I have a submission ID which is were I update their grade with fudge. However, those that didn't take the quiz don't have a submission ID.… (Show more)
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