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Hi There, I have been using the   /v1/courses/333333/users?enrollment_type=student&per_page=100&include[]=email&enrollment_state[]=active&enrollment_state[]=invited   end point, but the email field has suddenly stopped showing up. Why might this be?   Thank you.
Michael Salmons
This Node script is working well to return enrollments- but I am struggling with pagination.   const request = require('request'); let url = '[]=StudentEnrollment&state[]=active&access_token=blahblahblahblah&page=13&per_page=100&include[]=login_id rel="next"';… (Show more)
in Canvas Developers
Iver Davidson
user[avatar][url] used to work, but no longer. Using curl and python, separately, I can change other user variables, but not the avatar url. Has the api changed?
in Canvas Developers
Debra Padden
We have been asked by instructors to have the student profile picture that is created by Campus Security for ID badges to be put on student Canvas profile pictures.  The photos are part of a SQL database (the database is entitled "IDCARD") and are linked up to to our MyTCC Portal in a public site, MyClasses.  Is anyone using a link or API all of… (Show more)
in Canvas Developers
When a page or other Canvas item that is part of a Module is displayed, the Previous and Next buttons are dynamically linked to the previous and next items in the module.   Is there a trick to gain access to those dynamic links without having to hard code the page ID#?   This question is related to an idea now in cold storage: Navigate to… (Show more)
Matthew Moore
Does anyone know if there is a way to write comments on essay questions in Quizzes.  Language teachers are expressing a need for this on our campus, and I am thinking this could be a popular feature on quizzes. 
in Canvas Developers
Yogalakshmi Periasamy
Hi,   We, San Jose State University, are trying to implement Canvas and PeopleSoft Campus Solutions integration. Requirement: When teachers/faculties clicks on 'Publish to SIS' on Canvas LMS, it should publish the grades to PeopleSoft automatically.   Can somebody give me your inputs/ thoughts? Has anybody implemented this?   Thanks, -Yoga
in Canvas Developers
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