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Glen Parker
We are dabbling with using Websockets to enable 2-way communication between one of our webapplications and the teachers browser.   Ideally we'll use the KState Java library callback  function to send data along the WebSocket pipe to the browser.   But, there's a lot of tech in this stack and we're stuck figuring out what we don't know.   Does… (Show more)
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Eric Kean
Hi,   I'm trying to integrate OAuth2 to generate access tokens and can't seem to get past the first step.  Through Berkeley's Canvas support, I've received the following email:   I've created a production developer key with the requested endpoints (Assignments, Assignment Groups, External Tools) and as the redirect URI.   The… (Show more)
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Fabio Cunha
I use the following url to create a quiz report[report_type]=student_analysis&quiz_report[includes_all_versions]=1   This button "Keep submissions anonymous" on the quiz report is checked.   It is possible to get the user_id for each answer in the report?
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Philip Masek
Hi!   I am trying to figure out a way to insert 12000+ calendar events to users in our Canvas account. Doing it through the API renders quite a few requests... To minimise the requests, I'm wondering if there's a way to batch insert all these calendar events?
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Erin Hallmark
I'm researching the PROS and CONS of hosting Canvas on a dedicated server for up to 1000 students in a Vocational Skills Center.   Question? Which Linux distro is preferred?  Debian 10, Centos 8, or Ubuntu Server? Does Canvas have backup utilities?  What is the optimum RAM and Disk space of the server?   What would be some of the… (Show more)
Erin Hallmark
Hi, I'm having trouble embedding an <iframe> in a Canvas Page to display an external formsite form for students. I have reviewed  Embed Code Not Working and think I was close, but the result just displays the <script> from the html file? Snippet and steps below. My steps: Took Javascript HTML code, saved it to a small html file and uploaded that… (Show more)
Nathan Stewart
Is it possible to access data from multiple domains using the API? I have an app that could be used by any Canvas user, and I want to allow users to type in their domain -,, etc. and then I can use Oauth2 to authenticate and then pull data for that user using the API. Since I can't get a developer key… (Show more)
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