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Stefanie Sanders
I am trying to access the Canvas Groups API, I need to retrieve information on group sets.   We currently authenticate via LTI 1.1 and LTI 1.3   How should I go about getting an access token for the API?   More information:   I have tried using devoloper keys  . … (Show more)
Robert Carroll
Embulk is an open-source bulk data loader that helps data transfer between various databases, storages, file formats, and cloud services. github contributors   Simply put, Embulk makes importing gzipped CSV files into any RDBMS* and managing the data and workflow necessary for Canvas Data using command line tools easy, really… (Show more)
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Brian Bennett
I'm working on creating a custom report which pulls users from a course and lists the number of missing assignments along with the total assignments in the course. The `bucket` param in the API docs lists 'unsbumitted' as an acceptable parameter, but when request that list, I get an empty response.   When looking at my test account, the test… (Show more)
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Andrew Day
looking for some examples on how to use the canvas graphql in c# for basic crud operations. Does anyone have an example they can share or a link to one?   Thanks
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Jewell Simon
Now this is not my idea... I found a git on gitHub that did exactly what I needed it to do the problem was that it was beefy(12k lines)(GitHub - sdjrice/msgobs: A JavaScript modification for the Canvas learning management system which adds the ability to m… ). So I forked it and was going to go to work on it, convert to plain JS modify, when I… (Show more)
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kieren johnstone
Hi - I'm fairly new to Canvas and evaluating its potential use. I've found details of the API and LTI extensions.   What I'm trying to discern is whether it is possible to have some custom Javascript run in the context of a page - when a student logs in to the hosted Canvas instance, to display some information pulled from the canvas API / a… (Show more)
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