Gerald Q. Maguire

Quiz API missing functionality for setting HTML answers

Blog Post created by Gerald Q. Maguire on Jul 15, 2017

The current quiz API seems to be missing functionality to insert HTML answers, as one can only set an answer_text and not an answer_html.  This is despite the fact that the actual answers support an html element, as can be seen below:

"answers": [ { "id": 3603, "text": "answer1", "html": "", "comments": "", "comments_html": "", "weight": 0 }, { "id": 3070, "text": "answer2", "html": "", "comments": "", "comments_html": "", "weight": 100 }, ... ]


It is possible via the RCE GUI to cut the text and then switch to HTML mode and past it in. As shown in the example below:

[{'text': '', 'id': 2400, 'html': '<pre>sum(5,10)</pre>', 'weight': 0.0, 'comments_html': '', 'comments': ''}, {'text': '', 'id': 7243, 'html': '<pre>from math import *<br>sum(5,10,0)</pre>', 'weight': 0.0, 'comments_html': '', 'comments': ''}, {'text': '', 'id': 7766, 'html': '<pre>from math import<br>sum(5,10)</pre>', 'weight': 0.0, 'comments_html': '', 'comments': ''}, {'text': '', 'id': 5120, 'html': '<pre>from math import *<br>sum(5,10)</pre>', 'weight': 100.0, 'comments_html': '', 'comments': ''}]


I think that it should always be possible to set values via the API as opposed to having to use the GUI.  While it might take only a few minutes to do this for a single question, when there are large numbers of questions - this is when it should be possible to apply power tools.


[I am aware that there will be a new quiz engine, but as I do not have it - I have to work with what I have.]