• Get all enrollments with one api call?

    Hi,   I work with Canvas API. I have built a script that creates/updates/delete users and courses in Canvas with our SIS as source.   One component in my script is to get all course (7000) enrollments so ...
    Fredrik Carenborn
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  • Course/Enrollment status via the API

    Using the REST API we have integrated with Canvas from a website and successfully created canvas students based on the user data from the website and enrolled them on a course.   The website ...
    Jason Howard
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  • API data in SQL Server Data Warhouse

    Hi all -    I may just not have entered the proper search parameters in Google to get this, so, I'm going to post it here.  If this has been answered already, please direct me to the proper place. ...
    Paul Johnson
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  • Get List Enrollments bug/maybe maybe not?

    I recall a post where trying to get the state of an enrollment you had to use state[]=deleted....or state[]=active   When I first looked at the request parameters to List enrollments end point ( /api/v1/courses/...
    Chad Schexnayder
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  • Can I check each of my courses for a certain folder more efficiently than this?

    Hi, I am checking all the courses in my Canvas database to see which ones have a certain folder. Let's call this folder "BB_Direct."   At the moment, using cUrl requests like below, I check the accounts/number/c...
    Lee Newton
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  • Using Canvas Custom Data Endpoint

    I am currently playing around with the Canvas API and am curious if anybody could shed some light on this error that I am running across. I first started using this through Canvas's Live API page and managed to store...
    Tommy Beaton
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  • Masquerade Reports

    Hello!   Has anyone been able to run a masquerade/act as user report for their school? We are wanting to run a report that basically tells us 1) the person doing the masquerading, 2) the person being masqueraded,...
    Tomika Cox
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  • How should I check a text file to see if it has a new course for my Canvas project?

    Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask.     I have a "courses.txt" which contains the courses for my Canvas community. This will have new classes added to it as time goes on, and I want a way to update m...
    Lee Newton
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  • Developer Key Student Submission Scope

    Hello all!   We are attempting to use a dev key with scopes enabled everything is working as expected except for url:GET|/api/v1/courses/:course_id/students/submissions returning anything past the basic inf...
    Kyle Richardson
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  • Common Cartridge: How to import and access learning object resources not referenced in the organization manifest?

    Schools have asked that my company (a content provider and publisher) include related learning materials that complement the core instruction we provide in our thin common cartridges. Teachers would like to import the...
    Dan Hammari
    created by Dan Hammari
  • Webhooks for Admin Events

    The documentation is a bit thin, but is there a way to capture only admin actions, perhaps with webhooks? We would like to log what admins are doing, particularly when making configuration changes.   Or, if ther...
    David Tod
    created by David Tod
  • undocumented API for gradebook_settings?

    When I check my Canvas Data Portal request tables, I find a POST call to /api/v1/courses/xxxx/gradebook_settings for any time a user changes a gradebook setting, such as "Show Concluded Enrollments."   I'd ...
    David Sheads
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  • PHP Pagination - buttons?

    Hi, I'm struggling with working pagination in PHP. According to the documentation, I can use those links to go to the next page of the collected results. I can put out a certain amount of results per page, w...
    Lee Newton
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  • Sharing custom column with students

    I was able to create a custom column by following this article: Custom Gradebook Columns - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation    I created a column which is not a teacher note (column[teacher_notes]). &#...
    Faizan Nihal
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  • Does the Canvas SCORM tool support review mode?

    I have several SCORM objects (SCO's) that allow students to submit their work as text. A student's work is graded by the SCO, and the SCO reports the student's score to Canvas by setting the SCORM values cmi.score.min...
    Rex Barzee
    created by Rex Barzee
  • User Engagement "Click" Data

    I'm not certain that this is the right forum for this, but I've been trying to establish a way to pull user data from Canvas' database in order to map the number of "clicks" on each type of user request and do some la...
    Tim Kish
    created by Tim Kish
  • Can return enrollments- how to handle pagination?

    This Node script is working well to return enrollments- but I am struggling with pagination.   const request = require('request'); let url = 'https://mysite.instructure.com:443/api/v1/courses/12345...
    Michael Salmons
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  • Custom Data for an Integration App on a Course

    Hello,  I am a new user and a new developer.  Apologies if this is a repeat question. I see there is an option to add custom data for a user https://community.canvaslms.com/message/100008-re-storing-custom...
    Srikumar Subramaniam
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  • How can I tell if I have permisison to post a syllabus?

    I'm trying to post the syllabus to one of my own courses.  If I am reading the API docs correctly, this should be done via the "update a course" endpoint at `PUT /api/v1/courses/:id`.  I have tried this with...
    Matt Price
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  • protect html entities from server-side escaping?

    I'm trying to post HTML content pages (e.g. syllabus) that contains HTML entities such as html5 checkmarks (✓).  The content posts successfully, but the leading "&" is expanded server-side to "&...
    Matt Price
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