• Can return enrollments- how to handle pagination?

    This Node script is working well to return enrollments- but I am struggling with pagination.   const request = require('request'); let url = 'https://mysite.instructure.com:443/api/v1/courses/12345...
    Michael Salmons
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  • Custom Data for an Integration App on a Course

    Hello,  I am a new user and a new developer.  Apologies if this is a repeat question. I see there is an option to add custom data for a user https://community.canvaslms.com/message/100008-re-storing-custom...
    Srikumar Subramaniam
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  • How can I tell if I have permisison to post a syllabus?

    I'm trying to post the syllabus to one of my own courses.  If I am reading the API docs correctly, this should be done via the "update a course" endpoint at `PUT /api/v1/courses/:id`.  I have tried this with...
    Matt Price
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  • protect html entities from server-side escaping?

    I'm trying to post HTML content pages (e.g. syllabus) that contains HTML entities such as html5 checkmarks (✓).  The content posts successfully, but the leading "&" is expanded server-side to "&...
    Matt Price
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  • Adding custom fields to student records in a single course

    I generally store a couple of extra pieces of information about my students in my local student records.  Usually these are things like: Github ID nickname identifying story or "fun fact" that students fill ou...
    Matt Price
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  • File Sync

    Having become incredibly frustrated at the frequency my professors added and updated their course files requiring me to download and move files to wherever I had organized them before, I built an app that handles sync...
    Drew Royster
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  • Obtaining Device's MAC Address

    I have been asked to find a way to obtain the device's MAC address.   I know in the Canvas Data Portal and the Page View's CSV file the Remote IP address is captured.  However, I am aware IP Addresses a...
    Dona Gibbons
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  • Canvas LMS Cheat Detection System In Python

    Hello All!    What it is:    I've been working on a program to separate test users into groups of cheaters and non-cheaters on Canvas quizzes. It's still being developed. However, I've ...
    Matthew Byrd
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  • Canvas Developer needed AWS/CSS/Javascript/API

    Colleagues, We are looking for a Canvas developer to help make some modifications to the UI/UX. Please reach out to me directly if you are interested. Best,
    Eric Bailey
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  • Get full list of users

    Hello guys,   I'm trying to get a full list of users from a course and I'm using the method: GET /api/v1/courses/:course_id/users  It works, but it seems to have a limit of 10 users. But on the API documen...
    Vasco Torres
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  • pull courses for a term

    Hello,   I want to pull all courses for one term(e.g., fall 2018, the enrollment_term_id is 4444) so I am using /api/v1/accounts/:accounts id/courses?include[]=term to pull all courses under root accou...
    Li Zhu
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  • PhP login integration canvas lms

    Does canvas allow integration with a web system in php? When I log in to the system I receive a confirmation of the canvas authorizing login. I start the session and I keep it, just loged on to my web system  and...
    Dyêgo  Luan
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  • API - Set a students enrollment to 'inactive'

    Hello,   I'm attempting to 'drop' students from courses through the Canvas API. Currently when I run my drop php code the student is marked as 'Completed' but I would like to set the student as 'Inactive'.  ...
    Jeremiah Ellington
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  • Tracking When an Assignment was Muted/Unmuted By Date?

    Hi All   I was wondering if there was any data within the API or otherwise that gives you the time and date of when grades were released for an assignment (i.e. when the assignment was unmuted in the gradebook)....
    Luke Dellar
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  • Can I modify the auto-created sections with a SIS import CSV?

    We currently use the SIS Import API to create and modify our courses, users and enrollments, but we do not have a sections.csv.  Canvas automatically creates a section for each course, I believe when processing t...
    Angus Grieve-Smith
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  • 401 Response with Canvas Data API

    I am building an Java application that will communicate with the Canvas Data API and receive the data. I have followed other tutorials and the documentation from the Canvas community. The current code I have receives ...
    Matthew Sorrell
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  • ?include[]=term for List Courses for a User behaving inconsistently

    Hello fellow Devs,   I've been doing integration work on our universities lecture capture system.  While using the API to List Courses for a User and including the term parameter, I get back the t...
    Jerry Causby
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  • Python script to publish courses in an account

    Here's a script I just wrote to publish all courses in a specific account. Hopefully someone will find this helpful.   import requests def chunks(source_list, chunk_size):     """   ...
    Mike Nahmias
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  • NARC: Cheat Detection System

    A few months ago I posted here about a cheat detection system I was working on for Canvas in Python here, which delved into some of the technicalities and code behind it. Well now you can download it for yourself...
    Matthew Byrd
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  • Comprehensive Reporting on Faculty

    Has anyone created or generated reports focus on faculty members? Or faculty members activity?   Senior Leadership had requested a report to be generated indicating when and where the faculty memb...
    Dona Gibbons
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