• Add pop up declaration to canvas

    We are trying to add a pop up declaration which require student to agree when then click on a button and will like to record the action on the databases. If the student clicked on agree button on the declaration ...
    Jging Fai Chong
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  • Sending digital receipt after submission is successful

    I would like to send an email as digital receipt to student after they have submitted assignment or quiz successfully.   I am thinking to use custom theme javascript to achieve. The js will listen on the submit ...
    Jging Fai Chong
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  • Getting response as "Insufficient permissions" in create a score API route.

    I have requested the assignments Create, Get, Update. The response was successful. ( Line Items - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation).   But it's getting below response when requesting the 'create a...
    Nirodha Sheran
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  • How to use Developer Key for OAuth2 Authentication?

    So I'm the admin of a Canvas test server, and want to set up OAuth2 authentication for my webpage. I've generated a developer key after logging into "https://my.test.instructure.com" and setting up a developer key fro...
    Lee Newton
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  • Customising Canvas skin

    Hello all developers,   I wonder if anyone has managed to update their Canvas sites with new, clickable, global icons, and if you would be willing to share how you managed it? I have achieved this with...
    David Millington
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  • Webhooks for Admin Events

    The documentation is a bit thin, but is there a way to capture only admin actions, perhaps with webhooks? We would like to log what admins are doing, particularly when making configuration changes.   Or, if ther...
    David Tod
    created by David Tod
  • Course Development Status Tracking

    Hi friends...I just joined my organization and I wanted to get help on how to get started on developing my course design status check.   What I mean by that is that I wanted to write a report on what's the progr...
    don balbieran
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  • Canvas not longer providing custom POST parameters on an LTI call?

    I am going back to a project I left three months ago, creating an LTI for Canvas. I used to get custom POST parameters when I load the LTI inside canvas but they are no longer on the POST. I used to get custom_canvas_...
    Yaach Alegria
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  • Deleting sections enrollments with user sis ids

    Hi All,   I need to delete enrollments with the following conditions:   Enrollments need to be deleted from a section with sis id. Enrollments need to be deleted using a user sis id   I look at this...
    Yaach Alegria
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  • Get term id based on sis_term_id

    Any hints how to get a term_id based on the sis_term_id? I need to place a course in a specific term, but I need the term id and I only have the sis_term_id. FYI, adding course through COURSE API.   Thanks
    Yaach Alegria
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  • Live Calendar Events

    Would it be possible to have a live event when a user via the UI changes/creates a Calendar Event.   It would be nice to get a push of the calendar event that was added/updated/deleted and in the case of updated...
    Andrew Day
    created by Andrew Day
  • A rudimentary system for importing grades into SIS

    We needed a system that would pull grades data (including "Letter" grades) from many assignments in many courses.  I couldn't find much to help with this, so developed some (API) scripts and this rudimentary syst...
    Jago Brown
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