• LTI 1.3 & LTI Advantage Documentation

    Is there any documentation about using LTI 1.3 / LTI Advantage with Canvas? There's a feature option to turn it on in our beta environment but beyond that it's not clear how to get started.   lti 1.3 lti ad...
    Timothy Summers
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  • Custom JS to Hide +App Button from Course Settings

    Hello,  We are finding that Canvas permissions for LTI management (when disabled to all roles except for account admins) are not granular enough to allow instructors to edit/delete installed LTIs in a course (ex...
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  • First steps in a degree project supported by Canvas (or how to use Canvas to facilitate administrative processes)

    During 2019 I have been trying to use Canvas to help support the degree project process (for students, faculty, and administrators). One of the latest parts of this effort has been to look at some of the administ...
    Gerald Q. Maguire
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  • Great API and LTI dev course, but not maintained for a while

    Hi,   There is a nice course available on API and LTI development: https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/785215   Brian Whitmer is the teacher in this course and after googling his name I can guess why ...
    Jaap Stelpstra
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  • How do I make a LTI External Tool link on a Page open in a new window?

    We have an External Tool from one of our vendors configured in Canvas. In trying to use the "embed URL" function of this tool in Pages, I can't figure out the correct post parameters to input so the link will open in ...
    Julie Cavender
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  • Do you use InstUI? We want to hear from you!

    Hi, Canvas developers! Our UI team is working on way to improve InstUI, Instructure's UI library, from an open source standpoint. If you are using InstUI in your projects, our UI team would like to...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Mass change existing Calendar event content?

    Hi there,   Does anyone know if it is possible to use API or otherwise to make mass changes to existing Calendar events, such as the text inside the event description?   I'm having an issue where a LTI (Zo...
    Tim Batiuk
    created by Tim Batiuk
  • Mark "External Tool" submission assignment as complete?

    I've developed an LTI that we use in several Univ. of Michigan courses on Canvas.  We can create assignments that have a submission type of "External Tool" that will launch the LTI when students click on the assi...
    Lance E Sloan ​
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  • Securing LTI app communication after launch

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody has some input on best practices to secure tool provider after successful launch. I will have a rest api server (Java Spring with React.js) as a provider and I think it sho...
    Zbynek Dusatko
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  • Learning LTI with Atomic Jolt & a Noobie

    LEARN LTI WITH ME, A NOOBIE! I'm an educational designer turned web developer. Since there's no such thing as a silly question, I thought I would share all my questions on LTI to help others learn. Perhaps we can eve...
    Sonya Corcoran
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  • Why Would A LTI Provider Need a Developer Key?

    I might need to post this in multiple places, but our institution is looking at an integration with Cisco WebEx using what Cisco calls the Education Connector. This is their LTI setup page: https://lti.educonnect...
    Jeffrey Anderson
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  • Error 400 when reporting grades from LTI tool

    I am curious if any other tool providers have started experiencing this issue. We first became aware of it several days ago (4/6/19). Whenever our LTI tool attempts to report to Canvas, we receive the following error:...
    Stephen Donohue
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  • User not authorized to perform that action

    I am getting an unauthorized error when attempting to view user page views while using a token generated from my admin account.   The error is: "user not authorized to perform that action"   The following ...
    Valerian Anderson
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  • Remove a LTI tool in an subaccount

    Hi   Is there a way to remove a LTI tool that is available globally from an subaccount? using javascript in the subaccount? So that other users can use this LTI tool, but only courses under this specific subacc...
    Li Zhu
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  • Developer Key Student Submission Scope

    Hello all!   We are attempting to use a dev key with scopes enabled everything is working as expected except for url:GET|/api/v1/courses/:course_id/students/submissions returning anything past the basic inf...
    Kyle Richardson
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  • Common Cartridge: How to import and access learning object resources not referenced in the organization manifest?

    Schools have asked that my company (a content provider and publisher) include related learning materials that complement the core instruction we provide in our thin common cartridges. Teachers would like to import the...
    Dan Hammari
    created by Dan Hammari
  • How does my LTI app communicate with Canvas?

    I think I'm missing something sort of fundamental. I've used the API before (written some nice command line tools). I've taken the LTI course, and I'm at the point where I have OAuth working and I can get my LTI app t...
    Carmine Guida
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  • When using API to upload file via URL, the upload url sometimes returns 502 status code

    I'm using the file upload API to upload files to user accounts via a URL. When I post to the upload_url provided by the API endpoint (e.g. "users/1234/files?as_user_id=1234"), it usually returns a 201 HTTP status code...
    Terence Shek
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  • PHP Pagination - buttons?

    Hi, I'm struggling with working pagination in PHP. According to the documentation, I can use those links to go to the next page of the collected results. I can put out a certain amount of results per page, w...
    Lee Newton
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  • Fun with Canvas in a VM and using custom data to keep track of a student's program of study

    In conjunction with experiments concerning using an LTI interface to realize a dynamic quiz, I built a version of Canvas that could run in a Virtual Machine (specifically an image that could be run by VirtualBox). Adv...
    Gerald Q. Maguire
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