• LTI 1.3 Integration Testing Error

    I am currently testing our LTI 1.3 Tool with Canvas, and after the OIDC Third Party Login in which Canvas sends login parameters including the lti_message_hint, we redirect with a request to the authori...
    Haeven Kelley
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  • Can I use Canvas Studio API to upload media file for a user?

    I'd like to upload a media file from a URL to a Canvas Studio user's "My Uploads". I see that there is a Canvas Studio Public API that might do what I want. From looking at the public API, questions I have are: &...
    Terence Shek
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  • Why is launch_presentation_document_target always "iframe"?

    According to the LTI standard and documented in the Edu App center, the LTI launch parameter launch_presentation_document_target should be window if the app has been launched in a new window or iframe i...
    Jeff Baier
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  • No error details reported for invalid LTI configuration JSON by URL

    /ucat.json   The content by that URL is:   {   "title": "Test Tool",   "description": "My Test Tool",   "privacy_level": "public",   "oidc_initiation_url": "https://..com/oidc_initiatio...
    Anton A.
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  • Add pop up declaration to canvas

    We are trying to add a pop up declaration which require student to agree when then click on a button and will like to record the action on the databases. If the student clicked on agree button on the declaration ...
    Jging Fai Chong
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  • How can an LTI app access course section information?

    Hi,   We want to add support for Canvas course sections (How do I add a section to a course as an instructor? ) to our LTI app. When a student launches an assignment that uses our LTI app as an external tool, we...
    Sean Hammond
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  • Sending digital receipt after submission is successful

    I would like to send an email as digital receipt to student after they have submitted assignment or quiz successfully.   I am thinking to use custom theme javascript to achieve. The js will listen on the submit ...
    Jging Fai Chong
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  • How to create & access new DB fields?

    I'd like to develop a plugin for Canvas that will require some new DB fields to function.   Does canvas allow for new DB fields to be created in the Canvas DB, or would I have to create my own in the cloud to st...
  • What is unique course id in Canvas?

    If there anyone know this customer_canvas_course_id is unique or not in Canvas?
    Srikumar Subramaniam
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  • Ready Made Canvas Templates - Github

    Hello      I have started to design ready-made canvas design templates for courses. This project I have started as an Open-Source code under MIT (which means free). and anyone can use this. I would lov...
    Rukshan Fernando
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  • ASP.Net Core 3.1 LTI Development and OAUTH tokens

    What I'm trying to figure out is the following:  I have an LTI that can be accessed from the course menu, in the LTI launch event we get the usual parameters and we can verify the signature etc. in the laun...
    Edwin Laarakkers
    created by Edwin Laarakkers
  • Does an LTI access token give access to full Canvas REST API?

    I am interested in building an internal reporting tool that looks at several various Canvas-specific properties about a course, e.g. existence of 'Pages' in Canvas. I believe this type of information can be gathered f...
    Ryan Leonard
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  • LTI 1.3 Course Navigation visibility options

    Hey All,   I'm working on a new LTI 1.3 application, and I realized theres no way to set the tool visibility for Teachers / Administratos only.  Right now it shows up for everyone.     With LTI 1...
    Shea Silverman (UCF CDL)
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  • Cross-site tracking and SameSite cookies with LTI

    Now that Safari is default blocking all third party cookies and Chrome is implementing SameSite cookie restrictions as a bridge to that same thing, what is the method External Tool developers should use to launch thei...
  • LTI 1.3 client_id Confusion

    My understanding of the LTI 1.3 installation process was the tool provider creates a client_id with providing the required OIDC URLs like redirect, login initiation, etc. Then the LMS admin installs it in the organiza...
    Orhun Karapinar
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  • How to determine institution role for LTI integration

    Hello Developers,   I am currently trying to sort out an integration work between Zoom - Panopto - Canvas.  One aspect that I am trying to figure out, is how can I get the LTI launch to provide whether the ...
    Jerry Causby
    created by Jerry Causby
  • Filter Course navigation view per teacher when creating a new app

    I create a new app now and I use the following XML to create it.   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <cartridge_basiclti_link xmlns="http://www.imsglobal.org/xsd/imslticc_v1p0" xmlns:blti = "http:/...
    Fabio Cunha
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  • Identifying customers in LTI 1.3

    In LTI 1.1 we assign a client/secret for each customer. That way when a client sends a launch request(key/secret included) we are able to know which customer it is, because we map the key/secret to the custo...
    Orhun Karapinar
    created by Orhun Karapinar
  • Deep Link launch issue?

    Posting this on behalf of one of my developers, we've had radio silence from support for over a week and would really like to get this working in Canvas since it works in the other major LMS    So we are tr...
    Glenn Oslin
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  • Can't get rootAccount.id, account_uuid from LTI handshake

    I have the following xml as part of my LTI request. Please notice the 3 underlined lines below. These 3 lines are not returning any data. Does anyone see a problem?   According to <!-- - Canvas LMS REST ...
    Jared Chapman
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