• Why is launch_presentation_document_target always "iframe"?

    According to the LTI standard and documented in the Edu App center, the LTI launch parameter launch_presentation_document_target should be window if the app has been launched in a new window or iframe i...
    Jeff Baier
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  • Print Canvas Quizzes UserScript

    Print Canvas Quizzes is a script that will allow a user to print a quiz from the preview page. Features Adds a "Print Quiz" button below the question navigation pane Auto-page break: This will keep all question...
    Chad Scott
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  • Add pop up declaration to canvas

    We are trying to add a pop up declaration which require student to agree when then click on a button and will like to record the action on the databases. If the student clicked on agree button on the declaration ...
    Jging Fai Chong
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  • Sending digital receipt after submission is successful

    I would like to send an email as digital receipt to student after they have submitted assignment or quiz successfully.   I am thinking to use custom theme javascript to achieve. The js will listen on the submit ...
    Jging Fai Chong
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  • LTI 1.3 Course Navigation visibility options

    Hey All,   I'm working on a new LTI 1.3 application, and I realized theres no way to set the tool visibility for Teachers / Administratos only.  Right now it shows up for everyone.     With LTI 1...
    Shea Silverman (UCF CDL)
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  • Deep Link launch issue?

    Posting this on behalf of one of my developers, we've had radio silence from support for over a week and would really like to get this working in Canvas since it works in the other major LMS    So we are tr...
    Glenn Oslin
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  • Getting response as "Insufficient permissions" in create a score API route.

    I have requested the assignments Create, Get, Update. The response was successful. ( Line Items - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation).   But it's getting below response when requesting the 'create a...
    Nirodha Sheran
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  • Canvas cURL pagination: doesn't include "last" page link?

    For my project I need to get all the pages of data for a project.   I can make cURL requests on data endpoints and get all the pages I want. For example, see this DD of some page data that includes all four link...
    Lee Newton
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  • How to use Developer Key for OAuth2 Authentication?

    So I'm the admin of a Canvas test server, and want to set up OAuth2 authentication for my webpage. I've generated a developer key after logging into "https://my.test.instructure.com" and setting up a developer key fro...
    Lee Newton
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  • Find a Course by SIS Course ID, when given only part of that SIS ID?

    In my custom application, I have a program that successfully searches for and finds a course when given its SIS Course ID. Using this code written in PHP Laravel: $sis_course_id = $request->sis_course_id; //gets t...
    Lee Newton
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  • How do I find a course by name?

    My current project asks me to develop a webpage that allows someone to find a single course, if given its name or ID. Let's say name, for now. To that end, I'm following the official documentation here.  ...
    Lee Newton
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  • Find user in Canvas if given their name?

    I'm creating a custom web application for my university that allows users to search for a single user in Canvas.   I've studied the documentation here: https://canvas.instructure.com/doc/api/users.html#method.us...
    Lee Newton
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  • Rename inbox category

    Hi, Im trying to figure out how to rename the pre-set category "Teaching assistants" in Inbox compose message. I want it to say "Mentors" instead. I'm trying to solve this with javascript uploaded into the ...
    Fredrik Carenborn
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  • PlugIn for canvas lms

    Hello everybody!! Im a total begginer at canvas developing, so I need a simple guid for creating a plug in for canvas, and integrate it with  ...the canvas server.I hope somebody can explain it to...
    hodaya  ankri
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  • Securing LTI app communication after launch

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody has some input on best practices to secure tool provider after successful launch. I will have a rest api server (Java Spring with React.js) as a provider and I think it sho...
    Zbynek Dusatko
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  • Can I check each of my courses for a certain folder more efficiently than this?

    Hi, I am checking all the courses in my Canvas database to see which ones have a certain folder. Let's call this folder "BB_Direct."   At the moment, using cUrl requests like below, I check the accounts/number/c...
    Lee Newton
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  • Does the Canvas SCORM tool support review mode?

    I have several SCORM objects (SCO's) that allow students to submit their work as text. A student's work is graded by the SCO, and the SCO reports the student's score to Canvas by setting the SCORM values cmi.score.min...
    Rex Barzee
    created by Rex Barzee
  • Asking users to generate an access token

    Is it acceptable to ask users to generate a Canvas access token and enter it into an application? I'm not asking if it is ideal (over using OAuth2 to request tokens,) but rather if it is "legal" and allowed within Can...
    Raymond G
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  • Cloud hosting and domains

    Hi!   I work at a university that is using the Canvas LMS. The current instance of Canvas uses cloud hosting via Instructure themselves (AWS, I reckon). Since we are using this solution, the url to our instance ...
    Peter Delmeby
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  • Inherited Keys Security

    We just enabled the Inherited Keys tab on the Developer Keys page and had a few questions since we're seeing several keys enabled. Some of these are for vendors we have implemented, and some are not.   Are there...
    Patricia Estrada
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