• HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter

    Disclaimer This is my second blog post to the Canvas Community, but I'm going to stick with my tl;dr format.   The Situation Who doesn't like their code to be easier to read!? Oh, you use the Rich Content Editor?...
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  • Managing Canvas Data with Embulk

    Embulk is an open-source bulk data loader that helps data transfer between various databases, storages, file formats, and cloud services. embulk.org github contributors   Simply put, Embulk makes&...
    Robert Carroll
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  • Universal Student View Button for Teachers

    The Challenge While the Student View button is easily found under the Settings panel of the course navigation menu, many of the instructors at my institution still would prefer for it to be accessible on their ho...
    Mark Garcia
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  • Collapse & Expand Modules

    For various reasons I decided to write a little CSS & JS to do the following: Load the modules page with all modules collapsed by default Create a button on the modules page to Expand/Collapse all modules When ...
    Mike Cowen
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  • Build a Canvas Data Warehouse on AWS in 30 minutes!

    Introduction Canvas Data provides a wealth of information that can be used in many interesting ways, but there are a few hurdles that can make it hard to even get started: The Canvas Data API uses a different au...
    Colin Murtaugh
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  • Developer Tools #2 - Update a course nickname with the API

    Developer Tools for the Canvas User > Tutorial #2   Before getting started with APIs, read through paragraphs 1-5 of the linked thread by Stuart Ryan Canvas APIs: Getting started, the practica...
    Robert Carroll
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  • Implementing OAuth in an ASP.NET Core 2.2 MVC web app

    We've been working for a while on leveraging the Canvas API to work with other systems for particular learning use cases. We're developing a middleware app using ASP.NET Core MVC to manage the integrations.  ...
    Mark Smithers
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  • Flashing dashboard and empty assignments page in my local Canvas

    For some time I have been running a local Canvas instance for development activities. This has enabled me to both peek under the covers and give a VM with a complete Canvas instance and programs that I have developed ...
    Gerald Q. Maguire
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  • Question banks - What can be done without an API?

    A couple of days ago I decided to re-examine an issue that has annoyed me several times, the lack of a Question Bank API. The process began with some postings to followup the question raised by Jared Chapman ...
    Gerald Q. Maguire
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  • What does the recent IMS LTI Deprecation and Security Update mean for Canvas users and integrations?

    Recently, IMS Global announced the deprecation schedule of the LTI 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, and 2.0 specifications. Going forward, LTI Core version 1.3 (LTI 1.3) will be the recommended specification for new integrations and an...
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  • Canvas Tips & Tricks For Educators

    Canvas Tips & Tricks   During our migration from D2L to Canvas, we've identified various tips and tricks, and other resources, that may be helpful as you learn how to design and facilitate your courses with...
    larson reever
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  • Ruby GEM for REST calls

    The University of Adelaide has built a REST Client GEM as part of one of our integration projects.   The GEM has now been open sourced and available via https://rubygems.org. The source code can be found at...
    Poh Duong
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  • Create/edit/delete sections and cross-listing: Is there a conflation of permissions?

    New FERPA requirements for cross-listed courses! and others have commented on the problems of cross listing. However, the ability to do cross-listing is controlled by the same permission as being able to create/e...
    Gerald Q. Maguire
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  • Module Filters

    Disclaimer: This is a personal project, and is not endorsed by Instructure or Canvas LMS. Custom JavaScript must be maintained by the institution. Most (great) product features come from a deep understanding...
    David Lyons
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  • Ask Technology & Engineering Leadership

      Presentation Title “Ask Technology & Engineering Leadership” has been a popular and highly attended session at InstCon for the past 2 years, so let’s do it again.  This session is you...
    Renee Carney
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  • First steps in a degree project supported by Canvas (or how to use Canvas to facilitate administrative processes)

    During 2019 I have been trying to use Canvas to help support the degree project process (for students, faculty, and administrators). One of the latest parts of this effort has been to look at some of the administ...
    Gerald Q. Maguire
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  • Course import tool: include completed courses by default

    In the 2019-04-20 release notes, one of the bug fixes was: “The Copy a Canvas Course option uses active term dates to display available courses in the drop-down list.” Recently, it came to our attention in...
  • Linking Outcomes to Assignments with Python

    I'm trying to make standards-based grading more approachable for my teachers. When I was teaching full time, I held to Frank Noschese's Keep It Simple philosophy. Single standards correlate to single assignments ...
    Brian Bennett
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  • Using Python to create Calculated Questions

    James Jones suggested that I should file a blog post about my recent findings/results. Background Problem Solution or problems? Working solution How does it work? After running the script Cos...
    Uwe Zimmermann
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  • API Testing: Postman

    This information is really geared towards users who are trying to get started with the API.   I have seen questions in the community about the API, and have see Postman mentioned many times.  But, searching...
    Garth Egbert
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