• GraphQL 504

    This is some feedback on the GraphQL API for anyone who cares to read it.   We love how fast GraphQL is, and how easy it is to use. We went all in and converted about a dozen of our requests to GraphQL. However,...
    Jared Chapman
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  • Master Template for all courses

    We are a small University and with the need to move all classes online I am being asked if we could push out a home page template created by one of our faculty to all existing courses in our Canvas instance for Fall 2...
    Eric Werth
    created by Eric Werth
  • Opaque Pagination

    I had not run into this before but was doing some development in Beta against the Enrollments REST API and it wasn't working because I was not using the opaque pagination headers. See Canvas API Change Log  ...
    David Tod
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  • JMeter load test for a LTI tool

    Hi all,   we have a LTI 1.1 tool for Canvas, and we want to do some load tests using JMeter. Something like, time access with a bunch of simultaneous users.   Someone has tried this before? Some advises, b...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Global Nav Menu - Custom Tray

    Hello,   A recent Canvas update left a lot of institutions without the ability to add additional resources to their Canvas Global Navigation. Previous discussions include: Custom JavaScript/CSS Changes ...
    Robert Carroll
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  • SIS Import - UTF8 and "Couldn't find Canvas CSV import headers" errors

    I had a frustrating day trying to import data into Canvas via an upload of CSV data on the admin SIS Import page.   I was building the data using Excel, and saving it to CSV with UTF8 format via the "Save As" op...
    Robert Carroll
    created by Robert Carroll
  • JWKS Format

    JWKS Format   What is the format of the output from a well-known JWKS url?  I am trying to configure an external tool in the Developer Key. And the tool's JWKS url is returning a standard format for the JSO...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Language and impact

    Hi May I ask which programming language(s) make(s) the canvas work? and what kind of impact does this product have on the education industry? Thank you.
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Automatically grading quizzes with an external tool

    Suppose I want to have an quiz in Canvas, where each question (let's say Essay or File Upload type to start somewhere) is graded by an external software tool. I'm curious about two things for this scenario: Can I get...
    Vedran Miletić
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  • autograding CS labs

    Hi, ya'll. I'm trying to develop an autograding program for CS labs written in Java in my CS class, instead of just manually inspecting code in Speedgrader. I know there are other autograding programs out there and ot...
    Melody Lam
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  • Banner ILP module with Canvas

    Hi, We would like to make contact with schools that are using the Ellucian ILP module with Canvas.  We are considering this option and are in discussions with Ellucian.   One of our requirements is tha...
    Patrick Miller
    created by Patrick Miller
  • Handling Pagination

    Since there are so many of us who use the APIs with a variety of languages and or libraries I am curious how everyone handles pagination with large GET requests? It seems that this has been a hurdle for many of us to ...
    Tyler Clair
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  • Verifying OAuth Signature

    I am working to verify OAuth Signatures coming from our LTI posts.     I am looking for descriptive and detailed documentation on how I should be creating the OAuth Signature on my end. I got the basics of u...
    Matthew White
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  • Observer grade view sorting.

    Along the same lines as this complaint Parental observation in canvas complicated with three children! Our parents had a hard time discerning grades at a quick glance... I created a script to to at least cl...
    Jewell Simon
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  • Navigation Within Data Portal Documentation

    As seasoned devs working newly with the Data Portal, we have a suggestion. Could the left navigation in Canvas Data Portal documentation be improved, so that it is collapsed, and frozen somehow?  We are...
    Catherine Brown
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  • Clever Solutions in our New Remote Learning Environment.

    Hi everyone. Don't know if someone else has a topic going for this, but I thought it might be a good idea for us all to share ideas about how we are handling the various issues which may arise given the remote learnin...
    Benjamin Selby
    created by Benjamin Selby
  • New Responsive Nav Custom Icons

    Robert Carroll Nice Work has already done a Global Nav Menu - Custom Tray but with the new nav popping up tomorrow I didn't see any info about how to address those changes. So here is mine. James Jones Thank...
    Jewell Simon
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  • How to create a datastore for a series of courses

    We're building a long-form Data Science programme of several modules (each its own course in Canvas). We want to move away from using GitHub to store all the datasets and notebooks used throughout the programme i...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • How do we *USE* API?

    We are new to Canvas, coming off of Blackboard. I've got to say, I'm kind of shocked and dismayed at how little can be accomplished via the GUI. It seems like just about every thing I ask our ...
    Matt Gudites
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  • Automating Grade transfer to Banner SIS

    We would like to contact schools that have successfully implemented automated grade transfer to Banner without the Ellucian ILP module.   We have the documentation on what is offered by Instructure for assis...
    Patrick Miller
    created by Patrick Miller