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Assignment report

Blog Post created by Natalie Norton on Oct 19, 2017

A few people yesterday asked for more information on the assignment report we have created, which our IT team have said they are happy to share. Big thank you to Matt Barbier


We are producing the assignment reports for a few reasons: 

- it allows depts to check assignments have been set up correctly (and muted

- identifies any old assignments which have been rolled over and should just be deleted (trying to prevent accumulation of old materials as we had in old VLE) 

- it allows depts to easily identify any 'bunching' of assignment deadlines across modules

- provides reporting which is useful for our Registry dept


What does it look like?

A csv file is created, which we then filter by dept (sub account) and term.  I rename a few of the column names (eg "formative" = exclude from final grade) and apply some conditional formatting and then pass on to the depts.




How to create the report

Our IT dept have put the code in this zip file  but said "It won’t work out of the box, without our webservices and canvas cache database etc, but people can see how we’ve done it with regards to the Canvas API at any rate. Their Devs can then re-create it to work in their own environments." 


Hope that helps!